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The Nevada Legislature begins its 77th session

(posted by Bob Bennett)

As the Nevada Legislature begins its 77th session, we are reminded of Mark Twain’s remark: “No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the Legislature is in session.”  It is definitely a body that requires watchful attention by everyone.  To make this a little easier for those who need to work for a living, don’t have paid employees to keep tabs on their interests, or are just overwhelmed by the process – we will provide a few links – and a little commentary and opinion.

List of Bill Draft Requests –

Assembly Bills  –

Senate Bills –

Bills by Topic   –

Share your opinion on bills  –

“After each war there is a little less democracy to save.”  Brooks Atkinson – (Once Around the Sun 1951)

Opinions below are mine alone, and based on a quick reading of a small portion of  proposed legislation.

Generally, bills before the legislature fall into three broad categories:

Those which transfer power from individuals to corporations.

S.B. 87 ––

Allows companies to fire employees who on their own time use medical marijuana – or any substance the employer may disapprove of.

S.J.R. 2  –  Abolishes the $1.00 an hour addition to the minimum wage for medium size businesses who do not provide health insurance.

Those which transfer power from the individual to government agencies.

S.B. 33 –  – While attempting to regulate sexual conduct by those in prisons, jails, and certain residential facilities, the plain fact of the matter is that circumstances imposed on individuals require individuals to violate section 3 a) 4 – multiple times a day.  Other provisions, such as making masturbation a felony also go way too far.

Those which transfer power from small businesses to government agencies.

S.B 96

(BDR 53-579) Imposition of fines and penalties for misclassifying employee (intentionally or not) as independent contractor – As someone who has worked as both as an independent contractor and employee  – in a gray area – certain advantages exist for each category – Although abuses do exist, most often after a small companies grows to mid –size and begin to squeeze the people doing the actual work;  this bill transfers too much power to a government agency – taking power away from both the individual contractor and employer.

Almost always these are pieces of bad legislation which need to be opposed by the people, but the people are generally ignorant of them, the mainstream media – both left and right – being more interested in kissing up to the power players than the actual welfare of the people – or the planet.

On rare occasion bills may actually propose transferring power from a government agency to individuals or from corporations to individuals.  There actually appears to be a few of these this session.    Perhaps the year of the snake will help chase the monsters of bias, shallowness and ineptitude from the kiss-up media like The Nation magazine, the RJG, Fox news – and really the entire marketing controlled press.  “You dine off the advertisers sizzle and not the meat of the steak.”  J.B Priestly, New Statesman 10 Dec 1971

Removes need to inform employer prior to filing a complaint

Revises provisions governing the restoration of civil rights for ex-felons. (BDR 16-687)

Expands prohibition on employers taking certain actions to prohibit, punish or prevent employees from engaging in politics or becoming candidates for public office with certain exceptions. (BDR 53-63)

Nationally, there has been a great hullaballoo about guns,, violence, and gun control.  Yet both the violence and the calls for restricted access to firearms is simply the result of natural law.  The left’s continued failure to recognize that a great many people believe government has become oppressive – except of course on issues regarding women and gays, has been a major stumbling block preventing major reforms from happening.  Perhaps the former cop from Los Angles who has killed three people as revenge for his being unfairly fired for reporting police abuse -and as of this writing is still on the lam, will bring about a turning point for the reactionary left.

“Government of the busy, by the bossy, for the bully.”  Arthur Sheldon; (Capitalism 1990)




The Conversation needs to Begin on what constitutes a First Rate Mental Health System.  Below is a good place to begin.  If you agree contact your elected Representatives and have them once again represent the interests of all the people.  Include your suggestions to make it better as well.


To read the full document click:  Devising Treatment protocols B

By Bob Bennett
Our current treatment protocols for those exhibiting behaviors associated with having mental health issues are inadequate, and some claim abusive. New protocols are needed where respect for the individual is integrated into the process.
In order that individuals obtain the best chance of recovery – and leading contented productive life, several changes to the system need to be implemented.
1. Screen and treat individuals for trauma (numerous non-drug modalities are available, including somatic experiencing, Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprogramming, and others.
2. Work with client to find out where he/she falls on the personality type grid utilized by the video series How To Deal With Difficult People (by Dr. Rick Brinkman & Dr. Rick Kurshner)
3. Have client attend workshops on Non-Violent Communications – (the one by Marshall Rosenberg is excellent)
4. Encourage Meditation
5. Encourage perception shifting exercises: Cellular Memory Release -see Memory in the Cells by Luis Diaz-
6. Utilize the Dali Lama’s method of transforming anger. (adapted from The Art of Happiness by the Dali Lama)
7. Investigate the use of alternative therapies including Craniosacral Therapy and sound Therapy using tuning forks. Those who receive appropriate intervention early have the best chance of optimum recovery, yet nearly all should be able to make at least some recovery.
8. Integrate the Recovery Oriented Practices by Larry Davidson, Ph.D. as recommend by SAMSHA.
1. Screen and Treat Individuals for Trauma
A history of Trauma is common in most, if not all individuals who experience emotional problems. The symptoms of trauma are quite similar to the symptoms lists of the DSM-IV – and soon to be released DSM-V. It is likely that successfully treating trauma would also substantially reduce the symptoms which are the basis for the various designations in these manuals.
Somatic Experiencing, devised by Peter Levine Ph.D. and explained in his book – Healing Trauma and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) are two methods which have been established as effective in treating trauma. There may be others as well. EMDR was developed for children, but also highly successful with adults, this method of treating trauma doesn’t require the patient to divulge information about the trauma. While the patient recalls the incident, the eyes are guided in a smooth pattern.

To read the full document click:     Devising Treatment protocols B


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 By Bob Bennett

Approval of Congress is at an historic low.  Few believe those in Congress represent them.  Most believe nearly every member of Congress is beholden to special interests.  Those in Congress are much richer than the common man or woman, and like most people, speak mainly to others in their same circles.  Political posturing has been more important than substance for about as long as anyone can remember.  The concerns of the common people are many, but political campaigns are run by marketing people, and marketing people know that 20% of the people can be ignored.  The eighty percent are all that count.  Yet, among the ignored 20% a great amount of government spending, waste, ineffective policies and neglect exists.

For the most part, during the past 60 years, eighty percent of Americans have been fairly well off, and even most of the 20% were generally seeing improvements in their standard of living.  This is no longer true.  While the incomes of the rich have been rising, more individuals are seeing their standard of living falling.  Many have lost jobs, had their homes foreclosed on them, are homeless –or living on the couches of friends and relatives.  Odds are increasing that more will also face these new realities.  More who were formerly prosperous  are falling within the 20% that the marketing people prefer to ignore.  It could even rise above 20%.

Innovation does not come from the eighty percent.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Among the 20% are those who seek creative solutions for the difficulties they face.  More and more they find government impeding their efforts.   Try to start a small business after getting laid off, and lose unemployment benefits.  Innovation is discouraged.  The bureaucracy wants to force people to become dependent upon it.  All too often, those receiving benefits find it easier just to go along with senseless rules and regulations.  Senseless, except they create job security for those in the bureaucracy.

Both the Mental Health and the Criminal Justice systems need total reform.  Fear, stigma, and wanting to have handy scapegoats, have been the overriding factors neither have undergone the needed reform.  I believe mental illness can be eliminated and prevented within this current generation. Much of the non-drug research in this field has been ignored.  Studies have shown that from 5% to 75% of psychiatric patients have been misdiagnosed, many with treatable medical conditions which have been ignored.  The implications from studies on trauma have also gone largely unnoticed.  The compulsion to repeat the circumstances of the original trauma in an unconscious to achieve a better outcome – even when it places that individual –or others – in harm’s way effort helps explain both actions of those diagnosed with mental illness, as well as some criminal behavior.  Treating trauma, using the available non-drug methods, early – especially in juvenile services, should be a priority, preventing these individuals from receiving mental health diagnoses, as well as turning them towards a life of crime and drug use.

The election in November could well be a deciding factor.  Do we continue policies of increased protections for the rich and powerful – which are driving this nation towards increased wars, and a steep cliff from which no return may be possible; or do we address the domestic problems which we have chosen to ignore, the 20% which the marketing people have long said are unimportant?  This is the choice those who are elected, whichever party wins, will need to make.

Twisted Corporations

Twisted Corporations

The Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate -Judge Jim Gray will be at UNR at 6 PM on Wednesday Oct. 3rd.  While UNR pulled the approval to use the Wells Fargo Auditorium after granting its approval 2 weeks earlier – If they do not reverse themselves again  –  the question and answer talk  will be given from the steps of the Knowledge Center.  The debate between Obama & Romney will also  be shown (provided we can figure a way to do it if we are forced to the steps !)

On Tuesday, Oct 2nd, the group of people who are trying to prevent The City of Reno from turning their homes and neighborhood on Landers Street over to the Catholic Church will be attempting to make their case at the  McKinley Arts & Culture Center 925 Riverside Drive Reno at 6PM.   It is open to the public.