When: Wednesday, October 5th

Time: 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.

Where: In front of the Joe Crowley Student Union, UNR

What: To discuss occupation plans and form committees.



  1. We’re going to occupy the student union? Great show of solidarity for the Wall St. Protestors. Could get you a Starbucks coffee and sit down and have a nice meeting. Or we could surround the Bank of America Bldg downtown instead and have an ATM card cutting ceremony.

  2. Sheila Parker

    I will be there! A comment that Joan Baez made about the first protest she attended regarding the Viet Nam war has always stuck with me. She said that only
    ten people showed up for the first protest , but over time persistence, truth and unity
    changed everything.

  3. Andrea Juillerat Olvera

    I cannot make this first meeting but please keep me informed of future events. I definitely support this movement and I want to help!

  4. Only together will we overcome the tyranny of corporatism and the theft of America by the extreme right wing. VIVA THE PEOPLES REVOLUTION.