Flyer for general assembly

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2 responses to “Flyer for general assembly

  1. Marc Edwards

    This is amazing. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend but I would like to shed light on the political corruption that hits home right in your local school district. That bond for the WCSD that jacked up car registrations to ridiculous amounts (more than california) was used to line the pockets of a few corrupt leaders in the WCSD. I have seen millions of dollars wasted on IT equipment that never saw the light of day and was never intended to help students achieve. Instead it was used to push commissions to relatives of the purchasers and approvers. These people are still responsible for educating the youth of Reno and surrounding areas. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE KIDS. THEY ARE LOOKING FOR WAYS TO PILLAGE WHATEVER DOLLARS ARE LEFT IN THE SYSTEM! Please take a moment to address this in your demonstration. Our education can not suffer and the people who care should not be pushed out. Take back this country by starting to take back your school district!

    • Marc, as a graduate student in the College of Education, know that I am passionate about the education in this city and I hope that this movement will pull it out of the gutter and hold people accountable. Thanks for the input.