What we stand for

by Jon Trujillo

On behalf of FUSED, and all of the hard work that was put forth last year at the state capitol fighting for student rights and against worse budget cuts and higher tuitions, I would personally like to thank Occupy Reno for the opportunity to involve FUSED in our community once again.  As once and future community members we must remember not to sit idly by and watch as our communities and our futures get ravaged day in and day out by a an economic system that is out of control and that we no longer fully understand, or agree upon, for that matter.

There are certain conditions where we must all stand up as one entity and one voice; I assure you all this is it! I ask you to “Get It Together” and stand with FUSED on Wednesday as we Occupy Reno in front of the Joe Crowley Student Union at 12pm. We will show our community we do not agree with being the voiceless 99% and that we will be heard and it is our agenda that will finally be met.

For decades now our parents have told us the future of this nation is our responsibility.  Even though they might not like the way we decide to run things, it is our duty to step up to the plate and fight for our agenda. We will Occupy Reno on Wednesday, we will Occupy our place in the world, and we will remove our futures from the hands of the greedy and the morally blind!

The problem now becomes: are we standing up for what is right?  Do we even know what we are standing up for? There has been confusion about why protesters are Occupying New York and other cities around the nation, or what the 99% actually consists of and I would like to dispel confusion and admonition toward Occupy Reno by informing the public of what we are going to be trying to get across at the General Assembly on Wednesday.

  • The 99% refers to the 99% of the American Population that isn’t in the top 1% of the wealthiest in America, or the world for that matter.
  • The 99% of Americans that are facing massive amounts of debt or unemployment.
  • The 99% of Americans that receive miniscule tax benefits, compared to many of the corporate monopolies we find occupying our nation.
  • The 99% that are not sure they will be able to afford education for their children that deserve more than a run-down public elementary school; or be able to further their own education because of increased college tuitions.
  • The 99% of the American population that doesn’t feel its needs are met by the myth of capitalism we are spoon-fed every day.

What we ask in return from corporations and our government alike:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Action

Will you represent the 99% of Americans that are afraid to speak up and listen to their own voice?

We are the 99%.

Jon Trujillo



8 responses to “What we stand for

  1. They do this because they have a lot of power, and that power is not just pure money. They have a whole system set up just to prey and pirate off the rest of us. If we don’t challenge THAT – how can we get anywhere?

    If you want to put them on trial, you apparently have no idea how well paid and kept all their judges are. In very short, they all live way beyond means of their official salaries. And ultimately the vast majority of that money all comes from 1 place – FED thru “US” treasury. Every piece of human misery (usually senseless) they inflict has huge bonds behind it. And you expect them to go against their paymasters and potential black mailers?

    If you want political action, we can argue forever which direction to go. Both court proceedings and politics are based on lies, without lies there would be no conflict resolve or debate.

    If you want a fiat excecutive decision, well Obama first decreed from a voice for the people, then ruled from national government, then the authority of the UN alone (whatever that has to do with the oath he took), what’s next, imaginary aliens from the galaxy? We already have actual news articles in the corporate lame stream media, announcing that aliens may annihilate all of us for our carbon footprint (something to do with appearing war like) if we don’t pay their carbon ponzi scheme taxes. And where can we appeal that?

    I have a lot of ideas how to force their hand, but the 99 percent aren’t ready for anything really very confrontational.

    To be effective you have to ask for a specific goal for now – what is that?

  2. There are also gigantic private companies involved in heavy lobbying, collusion, and other corrupt and unfair market practices. Let’s not just focus on being anti-corporate.


  3. It’s not just corporations, and that’s a broad stroke, because many corporations are not involved in heavy lobbying and collusion and unfair market practices. It’s the anti-trust laws that aren’t being enforced, the special interest lobbying, the obscene money in political campaigns, and it’s also the banking industry. We need to regulate the derivatives market and limit the leverage banks use to gamble and then have all taxpayers bail them out. It’s about auditing the Fed Reserve. This movement needs to focus on specific, realistic changes. If it talks about getting rid of corporations and Capitalism, it will fail. It’s also not a leftist movement. Government now contracts to corporations in unfair bids if there are bids at all. Those corporations are profiting from govt spending, so both Dem’s and Rep’s are the problem. We need this movement to turn into a moderate 3rd party option that avoids social issues and focuses on reigning in corrupt lobbying, banking, and corporate practices.

  4. I. Dont Know

    If you want to be in the top 1 percent It would help if you did like we did got a damn job and earned it. Maybe if less was given away to the “I want my Share” Generation they would learn how to earn instead of demand. Get a damn life

    • The top 1 percent didn’t earn it. You study hard, work hard, become a lawyer, doctor, accountant fine. However, the top 1 percent don’t pay payroll taxes like we do because they don’t have jobs, they invest. They have lobbyists to create tax loopholes. Do YOU have a tax accountant, and I’m not talking about H&R Block? They get to create CDO’s, package them with junk bonds, and get the ratings agencies to rate them AAA, and then sell them to pension funds. They become the 1 percent by being predators and manipulating politicians and the laws. Most Americans are hardworkers and don’t get all these special privileges. It’s the top 1 percent who are entitled and expect the other 99% to serve them.

    • Every dollar you earn, you’re paying payroll taxes, social security, medicare, unemployment. Steve Job’s annual salary was $1. He was paying pennies into social security, medicare, and unemployment. Is that f n fair??? He could pay himself $1 a year, because all his pay was in shareholder stock and bonuses. That’s how the 1 percenters get away with pay less taxes proportionally than us. Wake up!

  5. Now I’m starting to think that “We are the 99% that…” is just deceitful nomenclature to push some agenda. I don’t think that 99% of Americans agree or fit in with the bullet points listed on this blog post.

    I will not attend this event.

  6. If you really want to have some impact and make a statement, you should assemble everyone in a place where everyone will be noticed. How about downtown Reno in front of City Hall, for starters?