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Committees – What they are and what they need to do

Here is a preliminary breakdown of the committees that we are forming. These were taken from the examples led by the New York and San Francisco Occupations. Many tasks will overlap in the groups but please let us know which one you would like to be a part of.

Media – This team will be in charge of keeping the community and press updated. They will run the social networking pages and will write press releases for each new meeting or occupation. They will also help answer questions from the general public. The first order of the media committee may be writing a mission statement for Occupy Reno. The media team will also maintain the blog. They will keep thorough minutes of every meeting and will send them out to everyone involved.

The media team will collaborate often with the technology committee, especially for projects like a radio show/podcast, videos, livestreaming, photographs and more.

Outreach – This team is in charge of keeping the community and the public knowledgeable and educated. They will plan a series of workshops/lessons for the members of the occupation, including topics like sustainable living, understanding how the electoral college works, and others. In this sense, they will be educators and researchers. They can collaborate with any other committee if a demand for a lesson needs to be filled. These “lessons” can be in any format – videos, podcasts, in-person meetups and demonstrations, fact sheets, and more. The outreach team will also collaborate with the Legal team to help debunk unfactual claims made by the media or public about the Occupy Wall Street movement. They will also form a library and archive of press related to Occupy Reno and Occupy Wall Street, and will gather/organize materials so that the members of the occupation have a resource center.

Technology – This committee will be in charge of creating and maintaining the necessary technology needed for the movement, including a website, coordinating livestreams and podcasts, and troubleshooting for the necessary tech set ups at the assemblies and occupations. A generator or independent energy outlet would be excellent for our cause, and they have some of that going on in NYC.

Infrastructure – This committee will do some research to help determine the best locations, dates and times for the occupations. They may need to collaborate with the Legal team and they will need to make choices about getting permits. This team should keep in mind the safety of those involved in the occupations and of the general public. They will also need to scout out possible locations to figure out if there will be necessary electricity and will report their findings to the tech group.

Infrastructure will also have to figure out supplies and places to store supplies, such as signs, electronics, camping gear, etc.

Legality – This group will cover a variety of legal tasks. They will need to make an information packet about protesting rights and safety tips. They will need to know the laws of the state and of the city, and will also need to have thorough knowledge about legislation. Much of this team’s responsibility is keeping the members of Occupy Reno knowledgeable and educated. They will collaborate with Infrastructure when determining locations and logistics.

All of these teams will have to write regular updates that will be posted on the blog to inform everyone of the group decisions, and to also give people in other committees a chance to voice their ideas or concerns. All of this information will be posted regularly on the blog – in the near future we will have a more interactive webpage and members will be able to better participate in conversations. Thanks for your patience as we get that going.


Tomorrow’s Assembly: Notes and Agenda for 10/5/11

(if you are on the newsletter listserv you may have already seen this)

Hello everyone! We look forward to seeing you all at tomorrow’s assembly. To clarify, the assembly will still be held in front of the Joe Crowley Student Union at UNR at 12 p.m. It is NOT a rally or an occupation so please don’t bring a bunch of supplies. This is our first meeting and it is very important to the movement – the New York occupation had over two months of general assemblies before they started occupying because there are many logistics involved.

We’re expecting a big crowd, and those of us who have been working as facilitators this week are going to do our best to make sure that everyone gets heard. We need everyone to be respectful, patient and focused in order for this to run smoothly. Here you will find a short reference guide to general assemblies as created by the NYC crew: http://nycga.cc/resources/general-assembly-guide/. On the second page of the PDF, there are some recommended hand gestures to help us express our thoughts to one another. It may be in our best interest to follow this system.

We are planning another assembly this Saturday, most likely at 1 p.m. Location will be confirmed later this week and will be sent to everyone. We hope this time will allow those who couldn’t make tomorrow’s meeting to attend and participate.

The weather may be stormy tomorrow. Many have insisted that we remain outside because it is in an open public location. Please dress warmly. We don’t want anyone getting sick or hurt. We do have electronics that we will be using to livestream the assembly but in the event that it rains we’ll have to resort to posting the minutes after the meeting.

The agenda for tomorrow is as follows:

First Preliminary Agenda for Occupy Reno

12:00 – 12:05 p.m. Ashley Hennefer – Member of facilitator team, member of the Occupy Wall    Street/Occupy San Francisco Founding Cadres
Opening Notes
12:05 – 12:10 p.m.
Edward Hickey – Member of facilitator team, facilitator of media team
General thoughts and updates about the media committee
12:10 – 12:20 p.m. Rebecca Gasca – ACLU of Nevada Legislative and Policy Director
An overview protester rights
12:20 – 12:30 p.m. Stacy Alonzo and Cory Wendel, recent attendees at Occupy Wall Street
Experiences and suggestions for Occupy Reno
12:30 – 1 p.m. Open discussion
– Discussion of next meeting time and location.
Saturday at 1 p.m., possibly at the Underground (waiting on confirmation)
– Planning online meeting(s)
– Discussion of protesting location
– Discussion of length of Occupy Reno protests
– Brief discussion of committees
1 p.m.
Meeting Adjourned

We will have a signup sheet passed around for you to add your preferred contact information as well as the committee you would like to serve on – technology, infrastructure, media and legality. We may need to add other committees, such as supplies or education, once we get started. Once we have everyone’s information, we will be emailing everyone in the different committees and then planning specific tasks will begin within those groups.

We the planners and interim facilitators wish for this assembly to go as smoothly as possible for tomorrow but we hope that you will be flexible with us if the weather gets crazy or the discussion goes off topic. It’s up to all of us to make this happen and we’re off to a great start!

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and ideas!

See you all tomorrow. Come wind or rain or opposition, we are united.