Committees – What they are and what they need to do

Here is a preliminary breakdown of the committees that we are forming. These were taken from the examples led by the New York and San Francisco Occupations. Many tasks will overlap in the groups but please let us know which one you would like to be a part of.

Media – This team will be in charge of keeping the community and press updated. They will run the social networking pages and will write press releases for each new meeting or occupation. They will also help answer questions from the general public. The first order of the media committee may be writing a mission statement for Occupy Reno. The media team will also maintain the blog. They will keep thorough minutes of every meeting and will send them out to everyone involved.

The media team will collaborate often with the technology committee, especially for projects like a radio show/podcast, videos, livestreaming, photographs and more.

Outreach – This team is in charge of keeping the community and the public knowledgeable and educated. They will plan a series of workshops/lessons for the members of the occupation, including topics like sustainable living, understanding how the electoral college works, and others. In this sense, they will be educators and researchers. They can collaborate with any other committee if a demand for a lesson needs to be filled. These “lessons” can be in any format – videos, podcasts, in-person meetups and demonstrations, fact sheets, and more. The outreach team will also collaborate with the Legal team to help debunk unfactual claims made by the media or public about the Occupy Wall Street movement. They will also form a library and archive of press related to Occupy Reno and Occupy Wall Street, and will gather/organize materials so that the members of the occupation have a resource center.

Technology – This committee will be in charge of creating and maintaining the necessary technology needed for the movement, including a website, coordinating livestreams and podcasts, and troubleshooting for the necessary tech set ups at the assemblies and occupations. A generator or independent energy outlet would be excellent for our cause, and they have some of that going on in NYC.

Infrastructure – This committee will do some research to help determine the best locations, dates and times for the occupations. They may need to collaborate with the Legal team and they will need to make choices about getting permits. This team should keep in mind the safety of those involved in the occupations and of the general public. They will also need to scout out possible locations to figure out if there will be necessary electricity and will report their findings to the tech group.

Infrastructure will also have to figure out supplies and places to store supplies, such as signs, electronics, camping gear, etc.

Legality – This group will cover a variety of legal tasks. They will need to make an information packet about protesting rights and safety tips. They will need to know the laws of the state and of the city, and will also need to have thorough knowledge about legislation. Much of this team’s responsibility is keeping the members of Occupy Reno knowledgeable and educated. They will collaborate with Infrastructure when determining locations and logistics.

All of these teams will have to write regular updates that will be posted on the blog to inform everyone of the group decisions, and to also give people in other committees a chance to voice their ideas or concerns. All of this information will be posted regularly on the blog – in the near future we will have a more interactive webpage and members will be able to better participate in conversations. Thanks for your patience as we get that going.


9 responses to “Committees – What they are and what they need to do

  1. Jared this it Tina Tillman, we spoke yesterday at the GA. I would like to help in any way possible. I don’t always have access to a home computer like I do right now. But I would still like to be kept in the loop somehow. I know I could be of assistance if just given the proper guidence to do so. I’ve confirmed my email for your newsletter, Please make sure I’m not it. Every event, every meeting. Anything to further this cause I’m in. Going to look for some pics of yesterdays march and GA now.
    Tina Tillman

  2. Nice, It was encouraging to see the UNR event.

  3. Hola,

    I feel the way these committees are delineated for the moment are well enough for now. I agree with David though, as we grow, subcommittees will more than likely have to be adopted. i am excited to discuss everything further on Saturday! See ya’ll there!

  4. Ashley, I agree with splitting the Outreach and Media committees. We might also want to look into creating sub-committees in infrastructure to help define people’s duties.

  5. Also, my advise to ANYONE speaking on behalf of the Occupy Reno to the mainstream media should ALWAYS make sure you have a friend with a videocamera on you so that any spin can be countered with the full story/counter story. If you can’t find someone, than use your own and at least get the audio.

  6. I just moved here from 5 years in NYC, but have lived all across the US including portland, atlanta, santa barbara, denver, milwaukee. I’ve worked in finance (you don’t know the levels of evil–though lots of actually good people who worked at the bottom like me), tech, media, etc etc. I have tons of tech & media experience, camera (I have a 7d), network, social media, mainstream media contacts worldwide, NYC, etc. I also run the largest WBAI Radio (unofficial) facebook group which is also a great outlet for exposure ( I know a lot of NYC politicians and hope to know more here, soon. Can also admin wordpress, godaddy stuff, etc etc. I’d like to set the mail system/calendar/organizing up as google apps structure to have better operations….if others agree 🙂 That way organizers could have, be grouped by tasks and have gmail ease, shared calendars etc–> Like an intranet.
    I can’t guarantee where I will physically be, as I’m looking for work around the country, but since this is where I WANT to be, I’d like to work mostly with the Reno group. Also, I can change the Domain ( to point to the word press page in about 2 minutes with the right password, or can tell whoever is admin of that how to do it in like 5 minutes. I think this is SUPER VITAL right now, as it well help page ranking, etc etc that is vital for better social networking and the appearance of not being flaky, which is also super important. Hope I’m not over stepping anyone and i know everyone is working their butts off!
    J cliche
    jaycliche on FB

  7. Jared Lowell

    I agree that outreach and media should be seperate groups if possible. As a future educator and going along with what I spoke about today at the assembly I think my place would be with the outreach committee. I DON’T KNOW! I want to do them all….. Start with this…

    Jared Lowell

  8. I was glad to see the turnout today. I can help with the Tech committee. I’ve got a bit of experience in front of microphones and crowds. My actual “techy” experience is pretty basic, though.

    I host an internet radio show 2 hours a night 5 days a week. Since OWS started, I have been on every night and plan on continuing to do so. I use a platform called There are others but I am only experienced with this one. The price listing is at the site. Occupy Reno may want to consider this platform as well as or etc…

    Contact me on FB – Brad Holhut (ABear) – if you are on the Tech committee. Perhaps we can talk a bit before Saturday at the Underground.


    Just on a personal note, my show is open to callers on a variety of subjects but the OWS OEvrywhere October2011 movemets have been the main focus now for a couple of weeks. I am hearing from folks in LA, Boston, Tampa, Miami and NYC. Some Reno representation would be good too. Midnight to 2am Pacific

    Peace & Solidarity, ABear