Quick recap for the 10/5 assembly

We know not everyone was in attendance today and we really want to keep you all updated! However, I am running on very little sleep and haven’t finished compiling the information so more thorough updates from the first general assembly will be available tomorrow. If you were there today, it’d be a big help if you could send me a summary of what you saw and what was said. For those who weren’t there, we basically had an open forum where many attendees took turns giving their thoughts, opinions and encouragements to the crowd. We also discussed forming committees, and the description of the committees can be found at the blog (http://occupyreno.wordpress.org). If you didn’t get a chance to sign the signup sheet, please email us with the committee you’d like to be in (volunteer@occupyreno.org – put COMMITTEE in the subject line). We are going to add additional committees in the near future but let’s stick with those for now.

Local media was also in attendance today, including KUNR, KOLO 8, KRNV 4, RGJ, RN&R and independent media outlets. We tried to livestream but our laptop overheated and our power was shut off but the livestream will for sure be up at this weekend’s meeting. The next meeting is planned for this Saturday at 1 p.m. at the Underground. Directions, info and the agenda for that meeting will be sent out soon.

Sorry this is brief but I hope it gives you an idea of what happened today. Thanks to all who came, and to those who didn’t/couldn’t, thank you for your continued support and passion and we hope to see you soon!

P.S. Please don’t forget to follow the Twitter, Facebook page, Facebook event and website. We’ll have a YouTube site soon.


8 responses to “Quick recap for the 10/5 assembly

  1. Hello Fellow Occupiers and Supporters 🙂
    I just wanted to let you all know that I am very proud to be apart of Occupy Reno. You all are a wonderful bunch of people who are as dedicated to the success of Occupy Reno.
    There was a post on here about getting to know the local politicians in the area and for Occupy Reno to possibly get behind one politician or another. I personally would endorse this idea because if we want the change that so many people are talking about the only way to do that is to work within a system we know is broken in order to fix it!
    I enjoyed the interviews that were on TV this week. With nothing but admiration for the message that Stacey, Haley, Jared & Tom were relaying to those watching at home. I also realize that the political side of things seems to not be something that will be accepted by everyone, however I do feel, in my heart, that this would be the best way to meet our ultimate goal of helping get Money out of Politics!
    I was also wondering when the next City Council meeting is & wanted to know if Occupy Reno would like for me to try & speak again regarding the need for more latitude in regards to cooking & washing dishes, etc… I’m not sure if it would help but I have nothing but the best of intentions to do what I can for the Occupy Movement! Hope everyone is doing well.
    Occupy Reno Rocks,
    Tina Tillman

  2. Hi Everyone: What was decided at the Underground assemby yesterday? I left before it was finished.

  3. I meant “the underground” not the park, is out of the way. A park is good but how about the old park lane site, lots of space and lots of passing traffic! But we might need permission as I expect it is private property. Still if they would let us it would be good.

    • These are just locations for meetings, not occupations. We have to plan before we take to the streets. Occupations will be happening outside in the community.

  4. I don’t see the point in holding the protest in such an out of the way place, why not outside the courthouse?

  5. Good going! When and where does the protest begin?

    Suggestion: The park (where the old Mapes used to be) across from City Hall.

    See you there!

  6. Thank you Ashley, for the info. I’m not on FB so having contact here is great. I’ll look into where I can fit myself in.

  7. Though I’m not able to make meetings, I’ve posted dozens of videos from YouTube to spread the word about what’s going on in NYC and across the country.
    I also have a WordPress blog at http://reno-now.org/. I’ll start posting videos there, also.
    Chris W.