Agenda for 10/8 assembly

Hey all! We have a lot to tackle tomorrow so we won’t have as open as a forum tomorrow as we did on Wednesday. There will be plenty of time for everyone to share their thoughts but for now we need to get some housekeeping done.

– Stacey and Tilghman, who recently attended the Wall Street occupation in NYC, are going to share their experiences and discuss the purpose and format of a general assembly.

– The committees are in forming stages but we need to talk a bit more about what that means and what their purposes are.

– We need to plan a DATE, TIME and LOCATION for our occupation. We also need to figure out what we want it to look like. It can mimic the others happening around the country or we can do something completely new.

Other agenda items will come up but we for sure need to tackle these things. We know everyone is anxious to get to occupying but planning is a CRUCIAL stage. The NYC occupation took over two months of planning and regular general assemblies before it started.

If you plan on recording video or taking pictures, come a bit early tomorrow so we can make sure you have good locations from which to shoot.

I’ll post an update in the morning. See you all tomorrow!



One response to “Agenda for 10/8 assembly

  1. Let me know when we are ready to Occupy a public Reno space, Wingfield Park, eg.
    Will the bar be open?