Media Committee Meeting livestream 6:30 ish

For those of you that couldn’t be here but still want to participate there will be a livestream starting around 6:30…. Tune in and feel free to make comments and voice concerns… be patient and we will try to address everyone.


5 responses to “Media Committee Meeting livestream 6:30 ish

  1. A few members of this group have turned an unscheduled outreach committee meeting ba stealth steering committee meeting and used that as a basis 4 a media relations meeting this evening to which the rest of us are only invited by streaming audio. They laid out of broad political platform with their names on it, and no specific measurable achievable goals, but they expect the rest of us to put our unlimited totally free time behind it.
    I am calling a meeting here and now, to simply organize a protest, that will actually put a bite on the global elitests. They can have their political animal posturing, networking whatever else they wanna do. And we will have a protest with a specific goal to show for our time. I’m setting up a second GA monday evening 6 pm at winfield park near bandshell.
    That is where you wanna be if you actually wanna make a difference. Your attendance is very greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    I am Wills

  2. Where is the media committee meeting???

  3. Media Committee- I’m thinking a reworking of this blog is very much needed. I’m fairly intuitive when it comes to organizing/categorizing information for the average user, and I see some structural issues here that may be taken as a reflection of Occupy Reno. Take a look at for a good example:

    – Google calendar (to list upcoming committee meetings, GA’s, marches, etc.)
    – a forum for supporters to openly discuss topics, and separate categories for each committee to communicate and receive suggestions (this is important b/c Occupy Reno committees don’t have a reliable way to communicate/coordinate with other committees at the moment except to send an email)
    – a “How You Can Help” section
    – a simple contact form for the public to email the organizers
    – links to Facebook and Twitter (instead of a full feed that takes up needed space)
    – Extra idea: those great links that Jared posted would be perfect in a sidebar, not at the bottom.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the Facebook page is a great way to generate excitement and link to pictures and videos that inspire us. But information should be added to this blog first, and *then* post a link to it on Facebook. You should always bring people back here. Information feels scattered and it seems the blog would be the best home base for information.

    I will email these suggestions to the main Occupy Reno email address as well.

  4. Livestream where? I’d like to be there, tell me where to find it.