Saturday’s March and General Assembly

Alright 99 percenters. We’ve been working hard in committees all week, and we’re ready for our biggest turnout yet! The legal team has confirmed City Plaza as the site for our GA from 1-4 p.m. Saturday the 15th. City Plaza is across from city hall on Virginia St. where the ice rink will soon be. For all of you who are ready to get your signs out and march, we will be meeting at noon at the Joe Crowley Student Union at UNR to march all the way down Virginia to the plaza. You are free to wear what you want, but many of us will be wearing our best business attire as there will certainly be media coverage (and we want to show them how professional and organized our movement is). Many of us might not have “business attire” so please get ahold of each other to share if you have extras or visit a second-hand store if you want to get your own. Please don’t buy new clothes for this event! We’ll see you on Saturday!


26 responses to “Saturday’s March and General Assembly

  1. Hey I want to come! Where do I sign up?

  2. And Jared, when you say we are destroying the rest of the world, what exactly do you mean? Would you rather a system of tyranny where women are beaten and raped and stoned to death by their shariah compliant husbands? Would you rather a socialist like Chavez from Venezuela murder you for not supporting them or killing you for speaking out against the system? What exactly does America bring to the rest of the world? The destruction of tyranny, and the gift of freedom, that’s what. Name just one other country that is more free than the USA. you can’t because there isn’t one.

  3. Thanks for the invite, I will pass though. I have watched for several weeks this movement and it’s call for a revolution, and an end to the USA. I will have no part of it. Our founding fathers implemented a system in which we can “revolt” every four years. It’s called voting. What you and OWS followers are calling for is violence. If you are successful in starting a revolution, you should know those of us who love our country , are armed to the teeth and very proficient in the use of fire arms. I am a marine corps veteran and will protect my freedom, my family, and country.

  4. why would you want to join a movement that is calling for socialism and revolution against the American way of life. You should all be aware that those responsible for safeguarding our liberties do so against all enemies foreign and domestic. Be aware of those who openly cry for the demise of the USA. Do these occupy wall street groups have a right to march? Yes!! Are their feelings of frustration and anger justified? Absolutely!! Should we ditch the best system of liberty in favor of socialism? NO and if you answer yes to that last one, then you are either uneducated or a genuine enemy to the USA or both.

    • Hi Cory,

      You are more than welcome to come down to our next GA and voice your concerns… Get an idea for what we are trying to do and express your opinions. I would like to say though, “the best system of liberty” you speak of is nothing more than smoke and mirrors keeping us feeling secure and powerful as “Americans” but in reality we are destroying ourselves and the rest of the world by acting the way we do. We have an obligation to our future generations to leave them with a fair system that allows them to have a say in what is happening. We don’t have that right now…. and if you think we do…. I hope you will someday realize this is not a movement for the end of capitalism or democracy…. it is a movement for humanity…. A movement to put aside childish things and start recognizing we are all in this together… There is no room for short term profits with long term consequences… No room for “left” or “right”… No room for division…. And no excuses left to let it continue until our self-destructive ways lead to our inevitable self-destruction….


  5. Milton Maxwell

    Thank you for asking. Here’s what I stand for:

    1) Working my butt off to make as much money as possible.
    2) Create tons of tax money from my earnings to pay way more than my fair share back to the public. I have 3 jobs.
    3) Saving one thin dime (10%) of my wages since the late 80’s so I don’t have to worry about what the dreaded 1% do. Doesn’t matter to me.
    4) Donate my time and money to charities that really matter, primarily military family assistance and children who were born with disabilities.
    5) Read to my kids every day and teach them to control their own destiny.
    6) Call or visit my mother every day to thank her for everything.
    7) Get involved in local schools and politics to help make positive decisions
    7) Make fun of people who repeat stupid things yelled through bullhorns, especially if they’re complaining about “big banks and evil rich people”

  6. …I’m going to try posting again and hopefully it won’t end up in “administation’s” limbo…Milton, people might not try to crap on your 1st amendment rights if you don’t try to do so on theirs–t gets nowhere, just circles. What is it that you stand for or want changed? Do you have any suggestions on any issues such as (what are my personal list toppers) keeping foreign $ out of our elections & protecting voter access. These boards should be used to exchange ideas/disagree/agree CONSTRUCTIVELY. PS. The cuss words on some of the signs today felt..not so classy. Getting the point across to seniors, families, small businesses is going to take some work.

  7. Milton Maxwell

    How did the day turn out for ya’ there cherrytreecig?
    200 losers repeating nonsense belched out through a bullhorn?

    That’s your definition of standing up for the middle class?

    Let me make sure I don’t use all caps to laugh at you, oh wondrous all cap guru, all being definer of when to use caps appropriately.


    Up to your non cap standard?


  8. I read you very clearly. Oh, and yes I will take that bet. Dead money!
    Penn Jillette would explain you cannot win those types of bets ever.
    Thanks for the cash!

    keep watching and learning

    and again try and contain your fear, it will all be ok.

  9. Occupy Milton ;)

    O M G Milton is the funniest! He just has something going for him ya know? It’s almost like he has a twinkle in his eye that I can see through the blog. And your sarcasm Milton?! OMG Milton OMG Milton Maxwell! It’s almost like I forgot sarcasm was sooo 2009. And the wit of Milton Maxwell O M F G! OMG Milton. You must listen to a lot of Rick Ross? Or is it Kanye? Ooo who cares! Because, Milton, you have this subtle, humble demeanor and this wit that just has me reading your publishings over and over until I can truly comprehend the intense layers of sophisticated humor and intelligence. Milton please come to occupy tomorrow and look for me Milton OMG Milton. Milton I’ll be wearing an Occupy Milton shirt and I’m a 6’2″ male and have long blonde locks of love… for you Milton. After we march and get sweaty Milton I’m gonna rip off those sweat bro bro volcom billabongsmoke shirts of yours occupy every inch U……. OM G Milton!!! ahhh

  10. cherrytreecig

    When someone types in all caps and makes as much sense as my 8 year old niece, you *know* they mean business. In fact, I think I’ll stay home tomorrow instead of marching my ass off, screaming at the top of my lungs, and standing strong for the middle class.

    Milt, sweetie- I’m not sure if you realize this, but each time you post another boring comment, it confirms to the rest of us that you feel very threatened in some way. Funny how that works.

    So dream big, Milt! While you waste copious amounts of time slobbering over this website ALL DAY LONG, with one hand buried in a family size bag of cheetos (trolls love their cheetos), we are meeting in person and getting organized.

  11. Milton Maxwell

    Changing tide.


    Oh man. That’s good. Yep. Changing tide. Yesiree. I feel the tides a’ changing.


    • Milton: Please, for the sake of your family and humanity – consult a doctor who can prescribe the best medication to cure your delusions.

  12. Maxwell, may I suggest you show up with a USA flag/shirt or a sign that says ‘buy local’? My main concerns are getting $ out of politics & protecting (early) voting (eg for seniors, folks at work on Tues) & veterans benefits. What’s your passion? AND I hope folks on this board can exchange ideas constructively. Warm regards

  13. Milton Maxwell

    You know it and I know it. Period.
    This is a total joke.
    Let’s make a wager right now. 12 months from today….this blog…….movement…..occupy cheese……. will all be gone. GONE. A few people are interested, kinda like the Casey Anthony thing, but it’s already getting boring to the average person.
    When you are inside of it, surrounded by a bunch a people who constantly agree with you, it’s really easy to lose sight of the fact that the vast majority of people either disagree with you or don’t care.

    There’s zero feeling of threat or fear in me. I’ve just watched the same thing over and over and over and over again. You know it. You know this will be forgotten in less than a year.

    Have fun with it, but please don’t take yourselves serious.

    Thanks for the compassion though, UGH…..HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

  14. Awesome!

    Interesting to see how threatened and fearful some people feel by a changing tide.
    Let’s all remember to be compassionate to those acting out their fear.

  15. Milton Maxwell

    I am organizing a group to protest people who call other people asses on blogs.
    THIS is exactly what is wrong in our society and we need to rid ourselves of this evil.

    So, tomorrow, Saturday, October 15th. I will be organizing the ” Occupy the homes of those who call other people asses on blogs” protest at 7/16th of the way up the climbing wall at Commrow.

    Wear your best climbing wall attire that you do not purchase at REI or any of those other evil profit making businesses. Dive into those big brothers/big sisters dumpsters to get your climbing wall attire and I will see you there!!!!

    WHO’S WITH ME?????????

  16. It is quite fine to ask questions and follow no movement like sheep. The point of this is to be a voice and make a difference. For once we are trying to be the change we wish to see. While a lot of clothing and goods come from big stores there is no better way then to put their mess back on them by using those items for this cause. Don’t get caught up on the logistics. If you have clothing etc from a major store than use it to your advantage and wear it and share it for this movement. Its okay to be a cynic but use it to take back what it rightfully yours.

  17. Milton: Your are an ASS.

  18. Milton Maxwell

    I have 3 or 4 Garcia ties, but they were purchased at Macy’s and Macy’s is bad too. Bad Macy’s. They have all kinds of money and stuff and they do business with all those bad banks, which allows them to purchase the Garcia ties and then sell them for an evil profit, which in turn makes my ties bad and my closet bad and my kids bad because they live in the same house as the ties that were sold by Macy’s.

    So I can’t let anybody have them.

  19. Does anyone have an extra Jerry Garcia tie they can spare?

  20. Milton Maxwell

    If the clothes at the 2nd hand store were purchased at Wal Mart, what should one do?

    It happened to me once, so I camped outside of the store for 2 years telling people that there were Wal Mart clothes in there. Ultimately, it went out of business. I single- handedly rid society of that evil 2nd hand store.

    I feel great about it.

    Do I qualify to be an Occupy Renoer?

  21. Milton Maxwell

    I have 100’s of items that I wish I could donate……heaters, canned foods, sleeping bags, blankets, lanterns, flashlights, shoes, winter coats, gloves, beef jerky, jars of peanut butter……and much more! Unfortunately, they were all purchased with my Bank of America debit card at Wal Mart.

    Sorry. I know you wouldn’t compromise your values for these items.

  22. Milton Maxwell

    Please state your top 5 reasons for “Occupying” Reno.

    Next, your plan to change those 5

    Lastly, please explain in precise terms how you will make it happen.

    Deleting my post will give me your answer…’re bored and going to party for awhile, which is OK by me, but just say so.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  23. Milton Maxwell

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!! Best business attire!!

    Now THAT might make me want to come take a look.
    Let’s see… I put away my Volcom and Burton stuff and upgrade to my KR3W and Plan B wear?????

    Oh this is good.

    But remember, Wal Mart bad. Union thug leaders good.