Edited Video From Yesterdays March/GA!

Occupy Reno March and General Assembly – October 15th 

I’ve got goosebubbles all over…. I can still feel the energy… It is within every one of us!  I took the video off of Vimeo and put in on Youtube this morning.  My apologies if you couldn’t see the video for the past few hours.


7 responses to “Edited Video From Yesterdays March/GA!

  1. OccupyReno.net is planning a march on October 31st. We would like to invite the members and leadership of OccupyReno.org to attend the march as full partners. OccupyReno.net will be organizing a march up and down S. Virginia street from the I-80 area to McCarren near Meadowood from 10am – 2pm.

    OccupyReno.net is going to concentrate on this as our only activity at the moment in order to alleviate any fears that we’re splintering the movement. We regret the tone that characterized the beginning of this relationship and would like to have a partnership with OccupyReno.org where we can accommodate those who would like to see action sooner, while you work on getting an occupation site ready. Neither group represents all of Reno, and both have legitimate visions for how this movement should play out.

    Please join us and together we can all make Reno and the OccupyReno movement stronger. We need each other.

    Thanks everyone!

    • Hey Adam,

      Listen I appreciate your passion for wanting to make something happen and by all means go ahead and hold a march but please do it legally…. We don’t need any negative attention from the city, especially with a pending approval for occupation. If you really want to join forces then we should meet…. We have a lot to share with each other, especially if you haven’t been to any meetings lately…. If things continue to move like they are, we will be occupying before your march even happens and we will have everything we need to be a totally self-sustained occupation…. Come and sit down with all the other facilitators and let’s work together!


    • To Adam Nicholson:

      You don’t indicate if you attended the march and GA on Saturday, October 15. I hope you did. I think you would have been impressed by the success of the movement that day. It was well-organized and accomplished the goals of attracting media and public attention.

      In addition, it demonstrated the energy and exuberance of the citizens who came out to support the movement. This is not just about the facilitators, like Jared. It includes the people who got up on the people’s mic and who expressed their thoughts and aspirations.

      A new march and GA is planned for this Saturday. You should talk to Jared and get your butt down to City Plaza this week. Your call for a separate march is now obsolete and counterproductive.

      Things are evolving as they should. See you on Saturday!

  2. For better Search Engine exposure, I would suggest changing the name of the post to something like “Occupy Reno: Video of First March to Downtown Reno, NV 10/15/11”

  3. Oh good – it’s back!

  4. What happened to the video?

  5. “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead