Facebook updates

There is a twitter account and a blog starting up linked to
http://blog.occupyreno.net/. This site is not affiliated with the decisions passed at our General Assemblies. Beware of people trying to hijack your movement.

Again, the fake website :http://blog.occupyreno.net/

Tom Livingston

What an amazing success! Great turnout, great GA, such a positive experience, both for occupiers and lookers on. Keep it coming!

In terms of a permit – we’ve got the money, we’re poised. if the city throws on a bunch of other payments o…r stipulations (making an occupation unfeasable,) I’d be in favor of occupying anyway. But let’s try and play by the rules first – that way, we’ve got a good argument for critics as to why we broke them.See More

This is a video example of how General Assembly consensus is reached at #OWS

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