Keep up with Facebook!

Many people have voiced concerns of not having access to facebook where a majority of the info is being sent. For this reason I will now be posting continuous updates of Facebook posts on this site until a more efficient system is worked out. It’s important that everyone feels they can be as involved as possible. United we are TOO BIG TO FAIL!



3 responses to “Keep up with Facebook!

  1. No updates here on the website. Just Facebook. I am starting to believe it is just for Facebook and Twitter folks.

  2. Thank you for that. Many of us do not support Corporatocracy. Which Facebook is.
    These are issues that keep me watching the Occupy movement closely. If we are shopping for goods to sustain occupation from Walmart, purchasing gasoline from BP with our BofA debit cards to drive to GA, and Facebooking away on our new Ipads in the park. Then it for sure is not representing the change I wish to see in the world. In turn it would not be representing the 99%

    Still hopeful

    • Hi Tim!

      I saw your comment on the occupyreno.wordpress site and I wanted to give you a little more fuel to keep up with the movement!
      As of right now we are in the process of organizing an occupation that will send a very positive message! We are doing everything legally, we are working on buying in bulk from community food co-ops and other local businesses, we will have sanitation, we will have offsite kitchens, we will (hopefully) have a solar powered camp (if we can get the panels soon….), we will have a water dispenser (to avoid buying water bottles), and we are not going to be shopping at WAL-MART for anything! It will all either be donated or bought through local businesses. Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns and by all means join us at our next GA and join a committee! We need to all work together for this to work. Take care….and stay tuned!

      We are going to do this right!
      >Jared Lowell