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Pay close attention to the video from Berlin. Watch other videos as well, look for all those guys in black hoodies and bandanas. This may have been an incited incident…. Who knows though, that is just my opinion.



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  1. it doesnt matter ur “opinion” the fact is u are probably not wrong in ur assumption of agent provocateurs..there have been videos where ppl tried to start something only to have turned out to be police in the end, i cnat find the link to refrence the video, but it sint beyond the oppostion to do such a thing. Just like the media portrayal of the movement on TV where they dshow the police slamming ppl to the ground, in the mind of America, those ppl must have done something to deserve such treatment because they cannot grasp in their minds the police state sate tactics of law enforcement. Mierged with the media it seems as iff the protester resisted when he may have just been plucked from the crowd and slammed to the ground and we see it in such a matter that there was sum resistance to the officer. If you have watched “COPS” TV show im sure youve seen instances where the person gave up, laid down hands behind head only to get a knee to the neck or trampled by several officers. Anyway, the 5th of Nov. is coming, lets do something!!–Ghostwolf