Call to Occupy Reno Artists!

We are in the process of planning an Occupy Art Show to feature the work of a few local artists.  If you are interested in submitting entries please send an email to with “Occupy Art Show” in the subject line. Please include a short description of what you would like to submit (drawings, paintings, sculpture, prints, all of the above, etc.) and your contact information. All submissions will be voted on by committee members and gallery owner. The show will take place from Nov. 13-27 at 720 Tahoe St. off St. Lawrence with a specific event Nov. 18 or 19. All entries should somehow incorporate the themes, messages, and/or values of the larger Occupy movement. This show is to help raise awareness for Occupy Reno in the larger Reno community.
We are in the process of organizing an Occupy Reno community band. We are looking for people who have their own instruments/equipment and previous musical experience who would be interested in performing at the occupation and a possible benefit concert. If you are interested in joining please send an email to with “Occupy Reno Band” in the subject line. Please include a short description of your talent (do you sing or what instrument you play?) Also include your level of experience, availability, and contact info. If you have equipment or an instrument you can loan us, please let us know.

In addition, we are in the process of finding artists who would like to find a building and get permission to paint a mural on it. If you would like to help in finding a location or have ideas on the actual mural please email with “MURAL” in the subject line.

Lastly, we really need more flyers/posters. These can be general ones which communicate our message and frustrations such as the examples on occupy or specific ones to events. In particular, we need a poster for Saturday’s march and General Assembly which we are hoping to have by Thursday at the latest although tonight would be better. We also need a poster to announce the occupation start date. As that date is TBD at this time, it would have to be something we could easily put the date into as soon as we know. Again, please email with “FLYER” in the subject line.

Thanks for all your help and creativity!


One response to “Call to Occupy Reno Artists!

  1. As a retired professional and a working Artist and Musician with solid experience rooted in the anti-war protest movement(s) of the 60’s and 70’s AND as a committed pacifist I offer the following.
    1. The Occupiers Code is an invaluable document/credo.
    Wish we had it 5 decades ago..
    2. There have been complaints the Occupy movement is hard to deal with because there are no leaders (NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg, et all). This is understandable. It’s because the moment is driven by IDEAS, not leaders. So be patient when encountering the “no-leadership” issue. We have to educate.
    3. I support all efforts to be INCLUSIVE. Perhaps an outreach committee to go and call on the MAJOR Corporations (Intuit, etc. the Mining Industry, the Gambling Industry) and solicit their involvement. After all, we are all about re-configuring our corporate based economic system(s) aren’t we? I’ll put my suit back on and help spearhead this effort if anyone’s interested to assist. Perhaps the effort is already underway. Sorry if I missed that.
    4. As a working artist and musician I appreciate the need for donated graphic work and the like. However, bear in mind producing this stuff takes time and creativity, several tings our culture doesn’t or can’t value. Back in the 60’s it was fun donating all the artwork, however it drives the value down. I’m a fine artist; when time are good my portraits sell for more money than most of you can afford. I realize most people don’t have the discretionary income to afford to purchase that “sofa painting” or the portrait over the fireplace . . . ‘Nuff said. This is a pet peeve of mine and I needed to vent. Thanks.

    Back to item 2. The Occupy Movement is about the Idea(s) of re-configuring our corporate economy, re-configuring our social contract, re-configuring our culture. The middle class ain’t dead, we jes’ broke. Can’t you just see the look on their faces next spring when they all say, “Dang, you STILL here?”