We are holding a General Assembly on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the Moana Pool at 240 West Moana Lane to make a move to adopt this site for occupation. Within the next few hours, we will be sending out a lot of important information regarding this location, our city council meeting today, and a video tour of this location. Stay tuned on here, Facebook, and in email as these updates are extremely time sensitive. We hope to see you all there on Thursday and look forward to hearing everyone’s opinions. Please give us a few hours to finish these updates, and many of your questions will be answered.


8 responses to “IMPORTANT UPDATE!

  1. All I know is

    “Perhaps the historic dedication of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial in D.C. today inspired Princeton professor Cornel West to emulate the slain civil rights leader’s example of braving jail for the cause of justice. West was arrested today while demonstrating on the steps of the Supreme Court building against corporate influence over government.”

    I just think those of us in Reno really are not interested in making much sacrifice. Especially not getting arrested and going to jail.

    I am more surprised the city is even considering this space for us to use. I figured we would end up Occupying the landfill.

    In a twist of fun I do finally feel like I am living in an episode of “Reno 911”

  2. DUDES, RELAX. ITS AN ASSEMBLY! Not the occupation, we have a greta places that no one will expect us. PEACE

  3. Hey mark you and your movement marginalize yourselves by throwing temper-tantrums when you don’t get your way, just look at your above comment. It’s that exact entitled attitude that separates your movement from the rest of us. Keep throwing fits and see how far that gets ya, your doing a real stand up job of it so far, keep it up pal.

  4. I just checked out the Moana Pool site! I think the city is offering us a “diamond in the rough” and let’s not dismiss it so quickly.

    Consider the difference between protest and occupation: we can march, protest and make noise anytime, everyday from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm to grab attention and make headlines. But occupation is about settling down and growing roots. It is a starting place and a staying place.

    Moana Pool is a huge space with a children’s playground, plenty of space to grow food, create living areas and work areas, to teach sustainable living and model radical self-reliance. We can build an eco-village and show everyone a real alternative to mass consumption and mass consumerism.

    Just Imagine: Earth day 24/7… without corporate sponsorship!

  5. Some people will never be satisfied. Grow up.

  6. it is out there a ways.. but lots of traffic goes past through the week..
    what happened to commercial, next to Fitzgeralds? are we still

  7. Not sure what you guys are doing or thinking exactly, occupying a draconian relic of a public pool.

  8. WTF? This has to be a Joke.

    This area of the city is a defunct and forgotten relic. And it is far removed from the city center.

    If we want to get the attention of media and the public – then we have to go where the people are.
    Better to march and have GA’s at the City Plaza or Wingfield.

    Don’t be deluded by the machinations from Reno City Hall – they are trying to marginalize us.

    With respect to everyone in the movement.