Everything you need to know about what happened at today’s GA…

Thanks to everyone who made it out to Occupy Reno’s 4th General Assembly tonight at the Moana Pool site. For those of you who couldn’t make it, I’ve got you covered with the update.

We did not apply for a permit for this GA, and we were right at the limit of our legal right to assemble with just about 75 people in attendance. In addition, the mayor, a few members of the Reno City Council, a few members of the Reno Police Department, Channel 8, and NPR were also in attendance. Most notably, a wooden platform bed on wheels was there with “Occupy Reno Looking for a Home” written on it in spray paint. Rumors are already circulating that this bed might be making its way around town along with groups of around 75 people.

Two decisions were made via the consensus process. We made a move to proceed with a 30-day permit for the Moana site which went through with consensus under the condition that we will continue pursuing all other potential locations simultaneously. We are using this permit as a means of setting up a home base location and infrastructure that we can organize other events and protests in the community from. Essentially, we’ll have a place to go back to and regroup from if things get crazy elsewhere. Additionally, this 30 day permit will give us a chance to start occupying by early November if not sooner and also a place where we can hold committee meetings, conversations, and General Assemblies daily to figure out what’s at the heart of Occupy Reno and where we want this movement to go in the future collectively.

We also adopted a preliminary draft of common values we call the “Occupier’s Code” though consensus. Some suggestions were given to change a few words here and there. We will be putting a copy of this code for you all to comment on so that we can revise it and present it at Saturday’s GA.

We will be turning our application in to the city council tomorrow morning. It is also worth noting that one member of our GA presented the idea of occupying the old bus station at the corner of 4th and Center. Though this issue wasn’t officially voted on, many members of the GA seemed to support it. He is writing a proposal tonight and will  be presenting this location to the city council tomorrow in addition to the Moana site.

This means we could potentially be occupying two locations in Reno very soon!

We will keep you updated every step of the way. Keep stocking up on warm clothes, non-perishable foods, and camping supplies as best you can until then.

We hope to see you on Saturday. We are meeting at the JCSU at UNR at noon and then marching down to City Plaza where we will have another GA from 1-4 p.m.

Remember, flash occupations of 75 people or less and impromptu marches in highly visible public locations indefinitely!

Once again, I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such passionate and intelligent people taking part in direct democracy together! We may not agree on all the same things, but so far it really feels our hearts (and heads!) are in the right place.

See you soon!






4 responses to “Everything you need to know about what happened at today’s GA…

  1. I agree with u diane, it is a high traffic area and the marches you spoke of on these two strets do allow for more visibility to the community. Though i do think the old bus station is a terrific secondary loacation for downtown, being that many people must pass by to reach the new one, as well as the traffic down the street there

  2. I was at the pool last night and was very encouraged. The Moana site is one where it is conceivable to stay for a long period, it is actually right beside a huge retail area (with a public library branch within easy walking distance) and if we were to march downtown via Virginia or Kietzke daily or a few times a week our presence would be noted by *far more* people than if we stayed downtown. While we want to make our presence known to the 1%, they are not going to bow down to the “right thing” and our PEACEFUL BUT ACTIVE visibility to the general population of Reno will, by constant repetition, gain viability. This is a “time will tell” endeavor – now Rosa Parks was just plain tired and damn the torpedos, but this not a comparable situation. New straategies are required. Ex: robinhoodtax.org is hilarious, totally new, and really hard to argue with – Adbusters is so timely!


  3. Good progress. A pleasure meeting you at the pool yesterday. I spoke to you about foreclosure. I’m Walter. If the foreclosure issue comes up, you have my email. Let me know.

  4. Matt here from occupyphoenix, would you mind emailing a copy of the “Occupier’s Code” to me at msowers@gmail.com. That sounds like something phoenix could use. Solidarity!