Very Slight Chance in Tomorrow’s Plans (10/22)

Just to keep everyone, updated. We are now meeting at noon outside Lawlor Events Center at UNR instead of the JCSU tomorrow, Saturday the 22nd. We have the whole concrete area to ourselves and will be more visible from Virginia Street. Everything else planned is the same.

Saturday, October 22nd:

Noon: Meet outside Lawlor to briefly go over our rights to march

12-1: March from Lawlor to City Plaza

1-4: General Assembly in City Plaza across from City Hall

If everyone that came last week brings one friend, we could have around 600 people just like that! Let’s show a strong presence.


2 responses to “Very Slight Chance in Tomorrow’s Plans (10/22)

  1. Please add the dates to your posts and events for clarification. just saying “last night” or “tomorrow” doesn’t cut it after a few hours or time.

  2. Kathleen Fogarty

    “Tomorrow” is a vague term. Please date this, so I don’t think it is from last week.