great song… enjoy the moment

feel the energy all around you and the energy of all those around the world who believe as you believe…. >Jared

Matchbox 20 “How far we’ve come”

Jack Johnson Radio    “All At Once ”  by Jack Johnson


7 responses to “great song… enjoy the moment

  1. Milton Maxwell

    This is….”THIS IS”
    The stupidest thing….”THE STUPIDIST THING”
    I’ve ever done….”I’VE EVER DONE”
    There are…..”THERE ARE”
    More people….”MORE PEOPLE”
    Taking a dump….”TAKING A DUMP”
    At halftime of the game…..”AT HALFTIME OF THE GAME”
    Than are here right now…”THAN ARE HERE RIGHT NOW”


  2. Milton Maxwell

    I especially like photo 14 of 16 on Facebook.
    I see more dead bodies floating down the Truckee River than showed up for your little get together

    Maybe you guys should make your goal more attainable. Let’s call it………

    “Occupy a park bench”

    Once you accomplish that…..let me know!


  3. Milton Maxwell

    Just saw the photos on Facebook!!!!!

    That’s it?????
    Way worse than I even expected. And that’s not saying much!!!!

    What the heck happened?????? Got bored with yourselves already??

    Who would post photos like that????????

    Complete failure.

    Beyond description.

  4. Milton Maxwell

    Hey. I just visited KOLO website’s main page.
    I found a story about U-Swirl…….. but nothing about Occupy Reno.

    You have fallen below frozen yogurt….I mean really good frozen yogurt (have you ever tried their English Toffee??), but still below frozen yogurt.

  5. Milton Maxwell

    How was the media coverage of your event?
    Slightly less than last time?
    Maybe just a little bit???
    Whaddya think? It was probably just an aberration. Ya know, Cuz the media doesn’t normally get bored with a story and move onto the next thing. Just not like them.

    And people,,,,,you know…. just the general public….they won’t get bored with this either. This one has legs. This one is different. Yep.. this is the one.

  6. Milton Maxwell

    So, how did it go today????
    Let me guess……Amazing, right??
    It was simply amazing. Getting some people together on a Saturday afternoon.
    Amazing. That’s the word. Let me make sure I check Facebook for all the “amazing” descriptions.
    Let’s all pat ourselves on the back and try to convince ourselves that something amazing is happening.

    “It was amazing!!!! A bunch of us got together (not quite as many as there were rollerskating at Roller Kingdom last week for Disco night) and marched together chanting some nonsense!!!!!

    Simply Amazing!!!!!