Our up-to-date Occupier’s Code

Here is the latest version of our Occupier’s Code updated 10/22 after being adopted through the consensus at the GA. It’s pretty good stuff. However, it is a work in progress so feel free to suggest changes.


In our occupation, we are committed to sustainability and self-reliance. In realizing this commitment, we support the following nine guidelines:

  1. #1:  In our relations with each other and our neighbors, we support a culture of love, respect, and understanding over hatred in any form. Further, we support peace and non-violence.
  2. #2:  In respecting ourselves, we support keeping ourselves healthy—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In this, we support sobriety and sustaining ourselves on good food. In keeping ourselves and each other healthy, we do not support second-hand smoking.
  3. #3:  In our connection to ourselves, each other, and our neighbors, we support open and reflective conversation over silence and before confrontation. Further, we support educating ourselves, each other, and our neighbors.
  4. #4:  In helping our neighbors, we encourage using local businesses and abiding by the local laws that keep all of us and our community safe, healthy, and free to exercise our First Amendment rights.
  5. #5:  In respecting the area we occupy, we support a leave-no-trace approach.
  6. #6:  In our living situation, we encourage the use of tents and sustainably-built

    structures over RVs and trailers.

  7. #7:  In our movement, we encourage the use of sustainable transportation over non- sustainable transportation.
  8. #8:  In our economy, we support transparency in any and all transactions in which we are involved.
  9. #9:  In keeping this an open movement, we acknowledge that some of us have pets. We love our pets. If they occupy with us, we ask our pets’ companions to keep them on a leash, to pick up after them, to care for their needs, and to be aware and considerate of the other nonhumans and humans in the movement.

In summary, we care about the health and well-being of ourselves, each other, our community, and our planet.

NOTE: This is a working document of the people, by the people, for the people, Like all great people’s documents, it can be amended when the situation of the people changes and when new situations arise. Specifically, this document can change by a consensus of the General Assembly of Reno.


3 responses to “Our up-to-date Occupier’s Code

  1. Um, are you really serious about #2 and #3?

    What does eating good food have to do with any of this? Seriously, why would you waste your time on something so unrelated to banking, the rich, or economic divide? Why not add, “we like turtles” as #10?

    And how in the world can you expect to be effective if you’re a non-confrontational protest? What the hell is a non-confrontational protest anyhow? Other than completely ineffectual, that is? Who wrote this garbage?

    No wonder everyone is abandoning you.

  2. Codifying conduct can become making laws involving conduct. I think the effort is well intended and will inform others of our stellar intentions. In the day to day inplementation of the code we mortals will no doubt fall short. This work in progress will constantly be evolving and we should become better for it. ER

  3. Milton Maxwell

    #10- If we think someone is making too much money, we’re going to ride a bus for an hour to protest in front of their house. (See: Jeffrey Immelt)