The Occupation Begins!

Today was a great day for Occupy Reno and the Occupy movement as a whole!

We were on the agenda for the City Council meeting today at 12:45 p.m. We applied for a 30-day permit for dual occupation at 240 Moana Lane and the old bus station at 4th and Center St. and were petitioning to have the permit fees waived. Councilman David Aiazzi made a motion to grant us a 90-day permit for both locations with absolutely no fees. The council approved a 90 day permit for the Moana pool site only, and the original $35/day fee was dropped because that particular site was not currently on a fee schedule, pending fire and health code approval. Furthermore, David Aiazzi himself agreed to pay the $103 permit application fee for the occupation.
The bus station was not approved at this time for several reasons. One reason was that Occupy Reno did not have a separate insurance policy for this site. In addition, we were only applying for a daylight occupation here, not a 24/7 occupation as with the Moana site. RPD as well as the City had concerns about not what would happen when we were there, but what would happen when we were not there (i.e.: homeless at night).  Several councilmen expressed interest in taking down the fence in the near future and making this plaza a public space as well as a free speech zone in which anyone, including Occupy Reno, can use for their purposes. This issue will be addressed in a later City Council meeting.
According to Jamie Schroeder, Senior Management Analyst for the CIty of Reno, the permit for 240 Moana Lane should go through by 5 p.m. tomorrow (10/27) if Occupy Reno can provide proof on insurance, health and fire code compliance, and a waste removal plan. We have been working nonstop to ensure these things are accomplished by tomorrow and do not foresee any problems.
Thanks to everyone who made it to City Hall today to support this movement and a special thank you to everyone who spoke during the meeting. We had support across the board without any one race, gender, or socioeconomic category more represented than another. Everyone spoke with such passion and articulation of their ideas. Several of us were holding back tears. We truly are united in this! Furthermore, we listened as several members of the council defended our position, fought to have our permit extended to 90 days, and claimed that they too were part of the 99%.
We will be holding a General Assembly at 240 Moana Lane at 6 p.m. Thursday 10/27- tomorrow! If our permit goes through, we will begin occupation immediately following the GA. Either way, the main issues on the agenda will be organization of the occupation site, gathering of supplies, safety and comfort, and anything else you would like to bring up related to the actual occupation.
We hope you are as excited as we are!
Occupy Reno

10 responses to “The Occupation Begins!

  1. Hello Occupiers!
    I have been thinking of you all night and I hope you made it through without too much discomfort! I will be down today with 2 tents. One for myself to sleep in and a very large 2 room tent you may have to use as storage, an office or gathering place or a dorm. I cannot camp every night because I have a job up in Virginia City BUT I would like to share my tent with others who would like to rotate with me. See you later today.
    Peggy Buggy

  2. OccupyHyperbole

    “you just worry about your precious .net domain. we wouldn’t want that falling apart…..”

    Wow. Still smug as ever, Jared!!

  3. isn’t a permit kind of defeating the purpose?? waiving fees, no insurance.. you might as well be low budget tea patiers.. not occupiers

    • Bert, you get on down, or, I hope you find a group that you will approve of. I believe you and everyone else are free to make as immediate and spectacular a display of self-expression as you like. The tea party has been decades in the making, really, and as for this movement, I would just as soon wait for the rest of the country or the world so as to act in unison.

  4. It was around 20º last night. Now, I know that you’re all very enthusiastic about occupying the pool, but are you sure you’re up for 10º-20º nights week in and week out? What about 10º and snowing? You need some serious camping equipment to survive that, and I do mean survive.

    • you just worry about your precious .net domain. we wouldn’t want that falling apart…..

      • We stand in solidarity with the entire 99 percent. Im guilty of being suspicious of .net, but there is a line between suspicion and division.

        We CAN work together. We just have to come to an understanding together. What pains me is the division here-we gotta work together to succeed.

  5. I want to thank everyone who has been working on this. Congratulations on the site! Thank you Reno City Council. I am so proud that Reno is joining the rest of the nation in peaceful protest. Our country needs to think of a better way and this is a wonderful place to start.
    Peggy Buggy

  6. I wrote a Thank You to Mayor Cashell and the Council today and sent copies to my email friends. I am a native Nevadan going on 73. Thank you occupiers for taking it to the streets! Love you.