Agenda for tonight’s General Assembly 10/27

Here is the agenda for our GA tonight! Look it over if you have time or print off a copy or two for others to have tonight if you have the means. Once again, it is at 6 p.m. at 240 Moana Lane. See you soon!


  1. Opening Remarks
    • Introduction of facilitators
    • What happened at City Hall concerning Moana Pool and RTC bus station on Wednesday
    • Review of process and hand signals
      • Process: agenda, stack, etc.
      • Hand signals: agree, disagree, in the middle, point of process, block, wrap it up, louder
  2. Agenda Items
    • 90 day permit
  3. Committee Reports
    • Media: what it is
    • Legal: what it is
    • Finance: what it is
    • Action: what it is
    • Outreach: what it is
    • Infrastructure: what it is & report
    • How to join a committee
  4. Announcements
    • No fee structure
    • Occupation: soft opening, infrastructure, big party later
    • 501c: educate yourself
  5. People’s Soapbox

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