Clean up at Moana Pool Friday 10/28

On Friday (10/28) from 10 AM to noon you have the opportunity, indeed the privilege, of participating in a work detail at our soon-to-be home at Moana Pool.  We need to clean up cans, bottles, debris, underbrush, etc., in prep for the occupation.  Don’t miss this exciting opportunity!

Wear grubbies and bring gloves and trash bags (if you have any handy).  Tools will be provided, but you are welcome to bring you favorites too. 😉

If you can make it, please send a message to  Thanks Reno!


8 responses to “Clean up at Moana Pool Friday 10/28

  1. They did a great job. Reno is proud of all of you, and wants to thank you for pulling up some weeds and hauling trash. The camp looks great.

    Stay warm and safe

  2. i have signed up with firedoglake to report on occupy reno developments… i posted on fdl and my blog today about the moana pool permit approval (see two links below)…

    you may have it already, but i there is information on winterization tips at both the fdl and the occupy together websites (see two links below)…

    i have video equipment and plan on shooting some video clips and getting some photos out to national occupy websites… i can also link occupy reno to the national effort fdl is sponsoring to provide supplies to various occupy efforts around the country…

    as soon as i shake off the flu, i will be stopping by…

    all the best,…

  3. Let us unite Reno Occupy together!!!! Let us not be like those from other parts of the world:

  4. Yes, Reno has major budget probs. So paying for our fees was wise. If the area needs a good cleaning then we should do it. I am a President Obama supporter and he did say that we all need to commit to volunteering. Good job to all, I will be there!

  5. yes lets do the cleaning…….Reno has a budget problem and we can help. The Reno City Council was smart to pay for our fees. This area needed to be cleaned.

  6. George and Facowe

    we are here to support the other 99%

  7. George and Facowe

    my wife and I are committed to assist