ISSUES Meeting – Change Begins Here

Reno Downtown Library, Sunday, 30 October, 2-5 PM

Those interested in our movement who wish to discuss issues – local, national or global – are invited to come to the Reno Downtown Library auditorium on Sunday, 30 October, from 2pm – 5pm.  They can be issues that seriously need change or issues to better the quality of life.  We will initially agree on meeting procedures, then dive in, improving the process as we go.  We will maintain a list of issues, status, proposals, etc., and email it to attendees afterward.  We will also post the log from each meeting.

The room has a projector so speakers are welcome to bring a flash stick with charts or other information.  It also has open wi-fi.  We’ll probably agree to limit speakers to 3 minutes to insure an active discussion because this is only a beginning.  As our movement progresses, there will be sessions for in depth discussion and education on particular issues.  Where there is due consideration over time and broad agreement, we might reach solutions and proposals that could be presented to the general assembly for a vote.

There is no formally stated goal of the Occupy movement, however, it is safe to say a major thrust of it is to make the laws, regulations and policies of the land serve the broad population, as oppose to favoring the wealthy (people and entities).  That leads to a happier, healthier, more educated population, which, in turn, builds stronger communities and nations.

We CAN fix our nation.  Hope to see you Sunday!


6 responses to “ISSUES Meeting – Change Begins Here

  1. fat old broad with sign

    I almost forgot – the 5th of November Bank Transfer Day was also discussed. We’re all taking our money out of the big banks on the 5th – right? 🙂

  2. fat old broad with sign

    My memory of this meeting continued – apparently there’s a limit on the length of REPLY – another person talked about making use of unused or foreclosed lands for community projects (homeless relief, community gardens, etc), and still another couple spoke to the methods of community outreach which could be employed to increase local awareness and participation. The teachable issues included a history of banking in the US including who’s really running the show, a history of common law vs. corp. contract law in the US, how our legal system sees corp.s as = to people and speech as = to money, and how the entire system may be so broken that only something completely new will do and what might that new system look like. There were other issues regarding voter registration or health care or petitions that were already circulating through other groups and it seemed to me that it was decided that since other groups were taking care of this that it wasn’t something that we needed to do ourselves (but perhaps coordinate with those groups instead). I’m not sure if I remember all of this correctly and I hope that I’m not stepping on any toes. There’s supposed to be another meeting this Friday, but so far I don’t see it on the calandar.

  3. fat old broad with sign

    I attended this meeting. I didn’t give the facilitators my email address, so I won’t be receiving any minutes summary either. There were approximately 20 to 25 people present. Each person was given three minutes to introduces themselves and state their case for a given issue then four minutes were allotted for discussion before a vote was taken on whether the issue was teachable, actionable, or should be tabled for further study. Under Actionable: several people brought up campaign finance reform, one or two people brought up the financial transaction tax (the Robin Hood Tax), one person pointed out that Senator Reid’s office wasn’t too far away from the protests and that something should be done with that, another person spoke to the foreclosure crisis in

    NV and that we should look into getting the non-Nevadan banks out of NV (this was voted to be not only an actionable but also a teachable issue),

  4. Did I understand you correctly? You’re only going to email the issues discussed at the meeting to the people who were there? Do the rest of us get to know the issues? I’d like to know the issues.

  5. 99% dissatisfied. 100% stupid.

  6. I will be there…