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Hi everyone! This is Lauren from the Tech committee. We are currently updating the website (particularly menu items above), so please be patient.

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One response to “Website Progress

  1. Disgruntled Taxpaying Old Hippie
    A lot of folks have been asking what Occupy Reno is Protesting. They call us dirty hippies Old and Young. Disorganized drug smoking, unemployed and a burden on the taxpayers looking for a hand out.
If you really want to know who the occupiers are read further. If you are stuck in the same scripted lifestyle, then nothing they are going to do or say will change that. But if you honestly want to know, here is a basis of most of the issues they are protesting for a better Nevada and a better America.
But before I try to give those who are still reading a lot of information, let me ask a few questions for your own consideration.

    On April 15th, every year some of us have to write a big check to the Internal Revenue. Some of us have to write that check every three months (for those of us who operate a business and own property here in Washoe County). Do you grumble and complain about how and where your hard earned dollars are headed and being spent. I do! Bless the taxpayer.
When you get your water bill, and… its six times the amount you were paying when you bought your home in the meadows. The water is not the same clear wonderful tasty water you remember before plastic bottles. Do you have to wipe off the droplets before it stains your car, truck or windows. Do you wonder about the environmental fees?
When you get your power bill, and that is now more than four times the amount you paid the first time you decorated your house with lights. Do you look at the fees that are there and wonder what they are for?

    When you get your garbage bill, and because someone dropped off their household garbage in your dumpster and over loaded it you get another fee that is more than that week’s pick up.
Then after you pack up to go on vacation, you return home to find that because you went outside the area you find all these charges added to your checking account for the ATM accesses you made while on v…acation, but you were told ATMs were free. Do you wonder why they amount to over three dollars each time, when you used the same Bank.
When you go to the Home Improvement Store to buy a part for the sink or some other Honey do. Do you find it doesn’t fit exactly and you have to change the entire fitting to match up with the part. Then when you do get it fixed, you end up replacing the whole thing because it wears out sooner than it should.

    When one day your next door neighbor has an official military vehicle pull up in front of his home, you hear a scream that brings back memories of a war fought a long time ago. When you see it leave, do you wonder what happened and as good neighbors always do run next door to find your best friend’s son will not be coming home. Do you wonder why you will never see that smiling little …boy play again with the sons you raised into men?
Well, so do you still want to know what us dirty Hippies young and old are protesting. If you do, come down for a cup of Joe, Herbal Tea, Donut or Bagel. Come down and talk to the folks. You will find no drug smoking, sex crazed, dirty young people. Just people who love their country just like you.

    Sincerely, Disgruntled Taxpaying Old Hippie