Day 3 of OCCUPATION!!!!!!!!

Hello all!

We began our occupation of Moana Pool (now Moana Springs) on Friday, 10/28/11 at approximately 10 AM. 3 days ago……..

Everyone come join us!!!!!

We will have an active internet connection by 5 PM today 10/30/11 so updates will be happening more frequently. Those of us onsite have been too busy getting our infrastructure up and were not aware that no official announcement of occupation had been made sooooooo…..


We have begun OCCUPATION!!!!!!


8 responses to “Day 3 of OCCUPATION!!!!!!!!

  1. Hello Occupy Reno from me Tina Tillman. This is the first time I have had a chance to post on this sight! Glad my son has the internet 🙂 Well I just wanted to let everyone know how proud I am to be a part of this movement! I know we are just starting out but I do believe our numbers will grow. I wish I could occupy full time & I hope you all know that my heart is in the right place and I want to make a difference in this community any way I can. Still learning names, hey should we have name tags LOLOL.. Well see you all tomorrow at 9:00am. Have a safe night all!! Tina (Tillmantinman2)

  2. Kathleen Fogarty

    Congratulations! I’ve heard the Occupy movement referred to as the Cavalry. Nov. 5, the day we are supposed to change our banking over to credit unions, is quickly approaching, and I haven’t heard much publicity on this. I’ve been telling all my friends and family. Somehow the word needs to get out.

  3. I’m a Reno resident, living and working in Seattle because of layoffs. I’m glad to hear that there is an “occupy” action in Reno. I’ve supported the Seattle action as has my son. I’m what you’d call an affluent, professional but I’m DEFINITELY in the 99%.

    I know there has been criticism about fuzzy goals. But I think the focus on a system of laws and rules that has so distorted the American dream and a demand for a reversal is clear enough. How can anyone articulate a specific set of fixes to something so profoundly broken? We don’t have the money, but there are other forms of pressure that the rule makers can feel.

    In Seattle the crowd is a delightful mix of scruffy and buttoned-down types, grandmothers and kids. And a lot of honking in support by drivers. More power to them and shame on the self-righteous cynics.

  4. So, if you look at any movement in history, the individual goals of those involved have always been extremely varied. It’s the common goals that the people rally around that are the ones that are remembered by history and accomplished by the movements. this movement really isn’t so different than any other movement throughout history, and all we want is a better, a fairer world to live in (IMO). So before you try and talk down to a group of people trying to better their lives (and yours too for that matter unless your part of the one percent we all stand against), do your homework. Don’t bash a movement you don’t fully understand (which your comments make that clear), and don’t claim tactics that have worked throughout our history are gonna fail. Honestly Mr. Maxwell, your comments do little to harm the movement, and I don’t address you to say your wrong to disagree with the movement (everyone has a right to their own opinion), but I do ask you to actually educate yourself properly before you bash something. Look at the common ideals of the group, not the individual, and things will make more sense (IMO that can be summed up with the statement that “we seek Socio-Economic Reform,” I.E. the reform of unjust and unequal social and economic conditions).

  5. Dear Milton,
    You ask: ” What in the world are you people doing?”
    Most of the people involved with this already are the type of people who are “Big Brother/Sister types” that are interested in making this world a better place. We are not perfect but we are making an attempt to gather our community together and try to figure out some solutions to get our country on the right track. Why criticize that? I encourage the younger people to get involved for positive change by right action. A little encouragement for attempting to do something other than just complain about everything is a step in the right direction. No one has all the answers.
    Peggy Buggy

  6. Milton Maxwell

    So somebody posts on Facebook that they won’t leave “until all our demands are met”

    Let me look at the demands from your own video…..hmmmm….Legalize pot…..invent an honesty pill…..A GLOBALLY RATIFIED ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION…..Don’t profit off of somebody’s illness……Get religion out of politics…..

    Are you people serious?????
    C’mon, it’s just you and me now.

    That’s 5 things. Stated in the attached video. How plausible are these demands???

    So how long will you stand at the Moana Pool to get these 5 things done???

    Let me know when you get one.

  7. Milton Maxwell

    OK.I sat through the 13:12 video so you don’t have to. Good luck at the Moana Pool making this happen:

    A synopsis of the interviews, in order—-

    1) We pay taxes- politicians overspend
    2) Current administration needs to be held accountable
    3) Get corporate interests out of politics
    4) Legalize pot
    5) The government needs to become responsive
    6) Incoherent (sorry)
    7) Something about redistribution of wealth
    8) Restore civil liberties
    9) Get money out of politics
    10) Power to the people
    11) GE doesn’t pay taxes
    12) Can my children and grandchildren get free money?
    13) Clarence Thomas is a bad guy
    14) Get corporations out of politics
    15) American flag headband
    16) Banks are bad
    17) Couple of cute women (sorry)
    18) You look like Matt Drudge
    19) Jerry sighting
    20) Huh?
    21) Learn how to spell capitalism
    22) Pass the bong
    23) Beard
    24) Stop lobbying (very original)
    26) Get religion out of politics- leave me alone
    27) Big wigs are bad (but I’m holding a painting)
    28) Don’t profit off of somebody’s sickness
    29) Al Gore
    30) incoherent babbling
    31) Get corporations out of government
    32) Prioritize education
    33) We are all earthlings
    34) Invent an honest pill
    35) Stop corruption in government
    36) Stop corporate corruption
    37) 3 socialists yapping
    38) Corporate “personhood” needs abolished
    39) Stop with these cute girls, I can’t pay attention
    40) Everybody needs ajob
    41) Clarence Thomas is a bad guy (part 2)

    There you have it, Moana pool residents. GET TO WORK!!!!!!

  8. Milton Maxwell

    What in the world are you people doing???
    Look at your own video!! I’d be embarrassed to post that.
    A bunch of people with different opinions yapping about something that they want to change???
    Big freaking deal! Seriously?
    Wow. A bunch of people that want something different out of life.
    That’s news??
    My God. Go help a kid to read tonight. Go visit somebody in the hospital. Donate a pint of blood. Become a big brother/ big sister.

    Standing at the Moana pool, crying about “Wall Street”???