Join us- Occupy Now!

Hi Occupiers,

We thought now would be a great time to give everyone a little update on the occupation. We apologize if information has not gotten out as effectively the past few days, but many of us have been busy building the infrastructure at the site and have not had internet access. We now have a more or less set schedule and expect to keep this consistent for a month or more.

The events will be happening at the same time every week and are as follows:

Monday: Media committee meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday: Outreach committee meeting at 5:30, Taco Tuesday potluck at 6:00, and Tech committee meeting at 6:30

Wednesday: Infrastructure committee meeting at 4 p.m. and GENERAL ASSEMBLY at 6 p.m.

Thursday: Weekly March from City Plaza to financial district in downtown Reno at noon.

Friday: Movie night at 6 p.m. at Moana Pool (starting 11/11)

Saturday: GENERAL ASSEMBLY at noon followed by community activities, teach-ins, etc.

Sunday: Legal committee meeting 1-2 p.m., Issues Forum at downtown library auditorium from 2-5 p.m.

*All events at 240 Moana Lane unless otherwise noted

Please feel free to show up any time day or night to stop by and visit, donate supplies, camp, or offer ideas. The best way to get involved at this point is to actually occupy. Even if you can only come for half an hour, please do. Newly named “Moana Springs” (formerly Moana Pool) is a growing community, and we need you to help get the infrastructure built so that we can focus on the next step.

We currently have a camping area with about 15 tents including one community tent, 12 portapotties, a 32 ft. diameter geodesic dome for information and media, a people’s library with hundreds of books, ample parking, grass space for activities, a food-prep area to bring your own food and cook at, and a fire pit circle to keep us warm at night.

Right now we especially are in need of firewood, fire pits, non-perishable food, warm clothes, blankets, tarps, and your company!

We encourage you to commit to just one day a week of overnight occupation in the next week if you can! You don’t have to be a 24/7 occupier to help, and even just one day will help you really get a feel for the movement and help the movement decide the direction of action from here.

We look forward to having your voice in our nightly chats around the fire as well as at any of our events and/or meetings!

In Solidarity with the 99%,

Occupy Reno


14 responses to “Join us- Occupy Now!


    • Mark, Play nice! As they say to the little kids, use your words. It makes for much better communication.

  2. well I guess I need more . . . or something else. what in the world does “top-paying companies” have to do with “companies currently hiring for living wage jobs”? I think Maris made a stellar comment/reply. so, in the vernacular, “what she said.”

  3. Milton,
    I am glad that you have been able to accomplish the “American Dream”. I too, have done so. I note that in your comment you say “in their lifetimes”…yes we have worked hard all our lives to support ourselves, educate our children, buy houses, cars,etc. help others when and if we can…but what about the future…have you not noticed the way we, as a nation, world are heading? Many,many, many of us who support the Occupy movement are not unemployed, homeless or broke. We just care enough to speak up about what is happening around us. So many of us have the “I got mine” mentality..we are so comfortable in our middle class lives…that we don’t realize that the middle class is vanishing.
    Hows that 401k holding up? The value of your home? How about the price of living? Not affecting you at all? How would you feel if your company up and moved its operation to a foreign country so it could get cheap labor to make more profits, putting you and your co-workers in the unemployment line? Don’t mind bailing out the bankers, sending our young people to war…on tax dollars that should be spent where it came from….helping the people of this country. Do you know that you, as an individual taxpayer pay more income taxes that Bank of America, GE, Exxon Mobile, Monsanto..etc? Its not about not believing in capitalism, capitalism has been good to me and many others. Its about fairness in the system, the government, who at this time is bought and paid for by BIG corporations. Take some to educate yourself on the movement…don’t limit your info to mainstream media, they ARE big corporations!! Like Diane said…I could go on and on…but I have to get to work.

    • Milton Maxwell

      Is this a joke post? Do you seriously feel this way?
      Talk about drinking the Kool- Aid.
      You really believe that a hard working, educated, driven young person won’t be able to succeed in the future? Seriously??

      But since you asked specific questions, I will answer them.

      1) My 401K is doing great. Wanna know why? I am continuously educating myself on the investment options I have and have been very vocal with my company on the types of investments that should be offered. I made sure I invested a minimum of 10% every month since the mid 80’s. I watch it every single day, moving the assets around to protect myself. While there were many months that I could have used the extra money for “fun stuff” like a vacation, I diligently socked the money away. (BTW, I’m currently only 15% long in my portfolio)

      2) Never bought a home as an investment. I bought it to live in. Once again, my wife and I saved every bit of our extra money from 1992 until December 1999, at which point we saved enough to put 25% down. We understood every term of our mortgage, did all the calculations to make sure we bought a house we could comfortably afford. Do you seriously believe it was the bankers who “duped” people into these crazy mortgages that were around from 2004- 2008?? How come they couldn’t dupe me and thousands of others?
      It took me about 10 minutes of reading to realize that I wouldn’t touch a mortgage like that with a 10 foot pole. I educated myself…. are you seeing a pattern here??
      Are you maybe willing to give an inch that people make these decisions on their own?? Did a $400K mortgage with zero down for an 1800 sq ft home on a $35,000 salary in Reno Nevada really ever make sense to you?? Of course not and you know it. Then why did it make sense to so many people?? Why?

      3) I am actively looking for a job right now, and have several companies that would hire me immediately. However, I don’t need a job. I have one. A very good job. But guess what??? I’m educating myself on what is available now, in case something does happen to my current position/ company. It’s amazing how many opportunities are out their in the hidden job market and how easy it is to find them. But man does it take work. Tons of it. I was at a conference last month in Palm Springs and every company there….Every single one….has been slowly hiring in 2011 and plan to hire more in 2012. But, you better be damn good to get hired.
      And another thing… they won’t be scouring tents in abandoned swimming pool parking lots for the cream of the crop, I assure you.

      4) Sorry, but you are absolutely wrong on the tax issue. Just because it gets repeated over and over and over and over and over ad nauseam doesn’t make it true.
      Don’t want to spend much more time on this topic, but here’s a link to Monsanto’s annual financials going back to 2007. God you people try my nerves

      You should be ashamed of yourself for not advocating kicking these brats in the butts and encouraging them to work hard to be successful.

      • Milton Maxwell

        Cathy, concerning the Monsanto link….. I’m flattered that you think that me, old Milton Maxwell from Reno Nevada pays more taxes than Monsanto.
        In all seriousness, how does this stuff get started and then repeated as true??? What makes a seemingly intelligent person (you write well) actually post that they don’t pay taxes? It took me 3.4 seconds to disprove it. So why repeat it as fact?
        Next you’ll go down to a tent in an abandoned pool parking lot and talk about it…. and soon enough, some doofus is gonna be standing at the ice skating rink with a sign about how unfair it is that Monsanto doesn’t pay taxes, and how evil this 1% company is….and how they’re not hiring Americans…and they only hire 9 year old slaves…and on and on and on.

        There’s one major problem with your post . You’re lying.

      • Hi Milton, I’m glad to see you’re still hanging in. I really don’t think OWS is protesting capitalism en masse. But, many of us do have a problem with capitalism in its extreme as it has devastated our country and the world.

        Examples: Enron, Arthur Andersen, WorldCom, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, Madoff, Countrywide. I’m going to guess that the former employees of those companies were hard working, educated, driven young people who thought they were on a path of success before their reality turned upside down.

        And, more recently, there is the ‘too big to fail’ corporations that are still in the business of gambling and double dipping. We can blame the FED for that. But then we all know that the FED is a group of financial institutions that control our $’s. (I digress as this is another topic for another day, my apologies. Just attempting to drive this point into everyones consciousness!!!)

        You made a good point about the uneducated home buyers. With that same logic what is your explanation of similar behavior of the ‘too big to fail’ financial institutions who haven’t stopped with their gambling? They haven’t declared their bad debt? They continue to go to the FED instead of investing in commerce. I’m thinking this kind of behavior no longer contributes to capitalism.

        One last example of how I see capitalism as a huge failure is the forced takeover of a company, particularly, when its sole purpose is to rob a successful company of its assets and then declare it bankrupt. How is this capitalism? The competition is systematically being eliminated not by market share or lack thereof but through suppression of market share.

        Definition of CAPITALISM: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market. Merriam Webster Dictionary

        There is a lot of work to be done to make our country viable once again and I think OWS is one path of that endeavor.


  4. You’re asking for a handout. Why? Aren’t you suppose to make it on your own? Should you be given a handout/bailout because you’re plan isn’t the best? Or should it simply be a matter of live and learn and move on? You’re begging for what you call necessities yet you didn’t plan far enough ahead to secure them yourselves. You’re GM/AIG/BoA and you should have made your plans better. If you fail it’s your own fault, it’s not the responsibility of everyone else to make sure you’re able to succeed.

  5. Milton Maxwell

    OK. Let me see if I have this straight. I work for somebody who would be considered the 1%. Tens of thousands of people are employed by this same person. Those tens of thousands of people have earned enough money in their lifetimes to buy homes, cars, Big screen TV’s, raise kids, travel , go to restaurants, attend concerts and sporting events, invest in 401 K’s, help their neighbors, donate to worthy causes… among hundreds of other things we enjoy in the U.S.

    So, now, you stand at an abandoned pool, begging these same people to take their money from the 1%, buy tents, tarps, firewood and non perishable food and give it to you so you can protest the 1%.

    Got it.

    • My gosh Milton you are up early. You’re spending a whole lot of time on this; I admire your tenacity. I must bow to it also because I am certainly not going to address it point by point. But I would like to say – yes, at one point larger corporations employed thousands of U.S. people but they don’t any more – the jobs created are for underage slaves in some other country – if I am mistaken here please do correct me through specific examples of living wage jobs being currently offered. It’s tempting to go on and on and on … but not that tempting. Bye. Isn’t this a great country!?!

      • Milton Maxwell

        By the way, I’m more than happy to correct you, being that your well thought out argument is that larger corporations employed thousands of U.S. people in the past, but they no longer do. (Your exact wording)

        Check out the link from my other post, add up the U.S. people employed by just these 25 companies and then let me know.

        If you need anything else corrected from the incoherent babbling you are hearing at the pool, I’m here for you.

    • Hi Milton, I think much of what has tainted our country is the amount of $’s that has polluted our representatives in government at every level. they no longer represent the 99%! they get a cushy job, do a lousy job of taking care of business, listen to whomever has the biggest wad of cash in their hand and that hand generally isn’t ours. our empty hand exists as much of the corporate structure stopped a good business practice of planning for the future, instead they are looking at a quarterly report to impress their investors. to keep up the investor stream the bottom line keeps getting pushed up higher and higher with the consequence of the 99% being squeezed out of a livable wage. heck, to some european countries the united states has become the cheap labor force!

      so, Milton, this is only one of many reasons why people are turning out for OWS. we’re not looking for a hand out. we want the livable wages and benefit plans that those corporations offer on the link you so kindly offered. there are some 14 million americans out of work right now. many employers refuse to hire the unemployed. credit scores also play a roll in keeping folks unemployed and you know a lot of those low credit scores don’t have anything to do with ones ability to do a good job.

      so you can be angry at the 99% or attempt to have a broader view of the situation cause for some folks this has been going on for quite awhile. when the jobs aren’t available one finds themselves between a rock and a hard place. I guess enough folks decided to finally take a stand and they’re speaking out.

      I don’t think the 99% see the demise of our country as an either/or situation. If we did the 1% wouldn’t be asking what we stand for. it’s not our way or the highway. there are many issues all of which do not effect everyone. lots of change needs to take place across the spectrum that we call the united states. I hope you can see that. I’m glad you have a livable wage and what makes your life comfortable. don’t begrudge others because they want the same for themselves and their children. it might not be easy for you to see the many shades of grey that the 99% represents but if you give it an honest try I’ll bet you see a few shades of grey and that’s a good beginning of understanding what OWS is all about.

      until next time, maris