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TOMORROW 12/1: Occupy UNR!

Click the image to download flyers for printing

Tomorrow, come stand in solidarity with us on the UNR campus as we conduct our first University event! We have permission to hold a public forum in front of the Mathewson-IGT library from 12:30 to 2. UNR faculty will be speaking alongside our own organizers. Our purpose is to educate, inform and get students talking about the issues.

Click the image to download flyers for printing

This is the perfect time to show solidarity. Just show up and participate. If you can come down on your lunch break, do it! Wear your 99% gear, and be prepared to demonstrate GA hand signals and possibly the People’s Mic. If you can, print and bring these hand flyers, these assembly how-to flyers or anything else from the Flyers depository.

Remember that we’ll be in a mixed crowd — some supporters, some detractors — so conduct yourself well, be polite and don’t respond if someone antagonizes you. Let’s show UNR our camaraderie, positivity and passion for change!

– Jessica / Media


Outreach/Media Updates

JOIN US! Thursday, 12/1/2011, 12:30pm at the UNR Library steps as we stand in solidarity with UC Davis

Once again, we would like to thank Strega Bar for being our gracious host this week. They are definitely 99% FRIENDLY! Stop on in, have  a beer, and enjoy intelligent dialogue.

WEDNESDAY (11/30/2011)   

General Assembly @ Moana Springs (240 Moana Ln.) beginning 6pm

  • Submit proposals for Occupy Foreclosure demonstration on 12/6/2011
    • 12/6/2011 is the national Occupy Foreclosure action day. This does not mean we cannot continue our efforts past this date
    • Anyone with a thorough plan to help those who have been, or are in the process of being foreclosed on are welcome to submit ideas to the GA for ratification
  •  Submit proposals, in solidarity with Occupy Oakland, to Occupy the Ports on 12/12/2011
    • Anyone with a thorough plan to demonstrate on this day are welcome to submit ideas to the GA for ratification

THURSDAY (12/1/2011)

Recruiting Session for Occupy Reno at UNR beginning 12:30pm in front of the UNR Library steps

  • We will be holding an open mic event from 12:30 – 2:30 pm
  • We are currently inviting ALL Professors and other Experts to donate their knowledge and speak to the movement
  • All are invited to attend and speak, but those with tight schedules will be given preference
  • IF you would like to participate in this event, please email with a brief description of what you plan to present and your availability

SATURDAY (12/3/2011)

General Assembly @ the river plaza steps at 1st and West beginning 12:00pm

  • Featuring Live Music from The Kanes

Cash Mob following the GA

  • We plan to Occupy the local businesses in downtown Reno. Bring your 99% Approved Shopping signs (fliers found on the site) and build our local alliance network
  • Be prepared to recruit and discuss 99% issues with strangers. Remember to SMILE and have FUN


  • We are creating our first printed magazine titled WHY OCCUPY? to be released 1/1/2012. We are accepting 500 – 700 word essays, photographs, original artwork, policy proposals and other pieces to build a comprehensive idea of what we all stand for and what we want for the future. To submit your article for consideration, please email

Finally, remember that you are the one’s you’ve been wainting for. YOU ARE THE 99%!


Tonight: Outreach Meeting at 5:30 followed by Media Meeting at 6:30

Outreach and Media will be holding our weekly committee meetings back to back at Strega (310 S Arlington) tonight beginning at 5:30. We will be discussing upcoming actions at UNR and elsewhere as well as getting the word out for these events. See you tonight!

Note: The meeting is at Strega and NOT UNR as discussed in a previous post.

Introducing the Occupy Reno Hoop House!

Occupy Reno has begun yet another program to benefit our local community: a garden for the 99%! In addition to cleaning parks, supporting local businesses, educating the public and helping people facing home foreclosure, Occupy Reno has created a 12×12 hoop house at the Moana site to grow food for occupiers (for now) and to show that we could become a productive part of the Reno local food network! This could include supplying produce to the Great Basin Community Food Co-op or even participating in the Farm to School program which provides local schoolchildren with locally grown produce!

Please come visit our site and take a tour. Bring your gloves, your seeds and especially your ideas to help us grow this and the Moana Park into something special!

Occupy Everywhere!
-David Sater (from the Green Committee)


No Issues Forum on 27 November. 5th Issues Forum, 4 December.

No Issues Forum will be held on 27 November. The 5TH ISSUES FORUM will be on 4 December in Room 104 at Mathewson Center as announced at the 20 November Issues Forum and the 23 November GA. For more details see,139.0.html.

Updates on Past and Future Actions + Camp Needs

Hi everyone. We hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend, and we just wanted to let you know how thankful we all are for your continued support. Our little occupation is growing and evolving! Please see below for camp needs.

About 25-30 people attended our Black Friday Event at Meadowood Mall which included handing out flyers encouraging shoppers to buy local this holiday season.

At the GA today we discussed future actions and will be reaching out to students at UNR the next few weeks. We will be forming an official Occupy Reno club on campus this week. Stay tuned for updates.

Here is our tentative schedule of events for the week:

Tomorrow/Sunday: No Issues Forum this week!
Legal Committee Meeting 1 p.m. at 240 Moana

Monday: Outreach Meeting at 5:30 and Media Committee Meeting at 6:30 at
Strega at 310 South Arlington *May change to UNR Knowledge Center

Tuesday: Handing out flyers and camp clean-up at your leisure. Flyers can be
found at

Wednesday:  General Assembly 6 p.m.

Thursday: Rally at UNR in the lower quad from 12-1 p.m.

Friday: Handing out flyers and camp clean-up at your leisure. Flyers can be found

Saturday: General Assembly downtown in the plaza east of Java Jungle/Sierra Tap House followed by Cash Mob to local businesses in downtown and
midtown Reno. We will be shopping at local businesses if we have
money to spend. Otherwise, we will be holding signs and talking
to people on the street about the Occupy movement.

We’ve got a busy week ahead and look forward to seeing you!

Below is the updated Occupier Needs List:
*AA and D batteries
*gas (or solar panels!)
*instant coffee and oatmeal
*community bus pass
*Security team to rotate shifts and watch over camp while people are asleep (especially 2 a.m.-dawn shift)
* seeds to plant lettuce, spinach, kale, onions, garlic, beets, and carrots in our hoop house garden.

Please bring supplies to the occupation at 240 Moana anytime day or night.

Thanks so much!


Immediate Need!

In in order to keep up night watch and remain productive at night the occupiers have an immediate need for batteries. Most importantly C and D batteries, but also AA and AAA. Thank you everyone for all your support!!!

Your local Occupiers