We Need Your Art for an Upcoming Art Show!

Call for artists! We are accepting submissions for an art show at 720 Tahoe Street which will be showcasing Occupy Reno art from Nov. 13-27th. Feel free to include photography taken at events, posters created for events, poetry, paintings, anything at all with a creative focus and in solidarity with the movement. Please email submissions to media.occupyreno@gmail.com with “Art Show” in the subject line.


11 responses to “We Need Your Art for an Upcoming Art Show!

  1. fat old broad with sign

    Oh, and speaking of art – I highly recommend this site:

    goodnight and stay warm!

  2. None of the above “comments” have anything to do with the Call for Artists or the fact “revolutions” tend to devalue art work and musical performances . . . why is it everyone expects the creative folks to produce for NOTHING? Occupy Art and Music!

    • fat old broad with sign

      My original intent was to comment specifically regarding this art show. I’m actually very excited about the prospect of artists and musicians (and writers and actors and creative people of all stripes) becoming involved in this movement. I personally intend to submit artwork to this show. I’m sorry that Milton distracted me – that was his goal and clearly he achieved it.

  3. fat old broad with sign

    First on behalf of absolutely no one but myself, thank you Mr. Maxwell for your (as always) helpful comments.
    Re: The Milk Street Cafe
    I looked the numerous blogposts about this. Zuccotti Park is about 51/2 blocks from the MSCafe. When the protest began, the barriers went up the next day – in anticipation of trouble not in response to trouble.
    The city also shut down the subway entrance nearest the MSCafe. This is part of what’s causing Mr. Epstein’s woes. That and the fact that this restaurant has only been in operation for five months (in an already sucky economy). In researching this I came across this quote from an interview that Mr. Epstein did with a Jewish community newsblog, DUS IZ NIES,
    – “However, Epstein doesn’t lay all the blame at the feet of OccupyWallStreet. ‘I think this is an issue of both OWS and the city officials. There’s protest
    and how you react to protest,’ Epstein said. ‘If the barriers do not come down, I do not see how we can survive. This has got to become like America again. You have to be free to walk around.’ ”
    I realize that Mr. Epstein is making quite the splash with the fox news crowd and right wing blogoshpere, but I think that this is really just a free publicity play for his business. I looked at the cafe’s tweet’s and they’ve been using the slogan “Be treated like the 1% for 99% prices” – God bless is lil’capitalist heart. 🙂
    Now, as to your general trolling – did one of the Occupy Reno organizers steal your girl or something?Do you need a hug? I’m just a fat, old broad but maybe I can facilitate something with one of the cute girls with the distracting racks that you so charmingly spoke of in a previous post. Let me know.

    • Milton Maxwell

      Gotta love people’s reaction to posts on board like these.
      If you agree 100% with the BS being spewed, you’re considered an enlightened activist.
      If you disagree and make fun of it….you’re a troll. So laughable and predictable.

      Just a quick excerpt from an article by Lila Shapiro from HuffPo this morning. You know…..that right wing blogosphere thing/ Fox news crowd.

      Protesters living in Zuccotti park are dealing with an escalating security problem, which some say could threaten the sustainability of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

      There have been multiple incidents of assault, drug dealing and drug use, rape and attempted rape, according to conversations with numerous protesters. And the problem, they say, is getting worse.

      In the past several weeks, the cluster of tents at the west end of the park — the farthest section from the bustle of working groups and activity near Broadway — has grown increasingly dangerous, many say. The sanitation team has reported finding needles in tents, and reports of crack and crystal meth use have surfaced. But the most serious concern most protesters say, is the risk of assault, especially for women and at night.

      Now, be careful not to respond to me. You might start to be considered a troll, you know.


    • What’s wrong mark? Is that the best you have? Maybe instead of protesting student loans, you should get a loan and educate yourself. “fuck you Milton” pretty much sums up the intelligence of this movement.

      Fuck you rich, fuck you capitalists, fuck you bankers, fuck anyone who disagrees with me, I’m gonna throw a fucking temper tantrum till I get my way. FUCK YOU WORLD!!! is that about right mark? Isn’t that what you are saying when you pop off with comments like “fuck you Milton?”

    • Oh and where are the caps police, mark just used all caps to make his point.

  5. Milton Maxwell

    Add 21 people to the unemployment numbers because of these selfish morons.

    FINANCIAL DISTRICT — Twenty-one restaurant workers lost their jobs last week because of the disruptions caused by the Occupy Wall Street protests, the cafe owner said Tuesday.
    Marc Epstein, owner of the Milk Street Cafe at 40 Wall St., said he had no choice but to let nearly a quarter of his staff go last Friday after he saw his sales drop by 30 percent in the six weeks since the protests started.
    “What are [the protesters] trying to accomplish here?” Epstein asked Monday. “The end result is that I and all the wonderful people who work for me are collateral damage.”
    “Now, Wall Street is deserted,” Epstein said. “The only people who walk down Wall Street are people who have to walk down Wall Street.
    Epstein just opened the 23,000-square-foot Milk Street Cafe in June, marking the first expansion of the eatery and catering business with the same name that he and his wife opened in Boston 30 years ago. Using loans and private investors, Epstein poured $4 million into the project and said he was proud to be part of lower Manhattan’s revitalization.
    On the restaurant’s first day in June, former Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith helped ring an “opening bell” and praised Epstein for creating much-needed new jobs in the city.
    The restaurant’s sales grew steadily over the summer, and Epstein said he was on track to break even by October or November at the latest.
    But now, Epstein said he isn’t sure how much longer he’ll be able to keep his doors open. In addition to laying off 21 of his 97 workers last week, he also cut back the restaurant’s operating hours and now closes at 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, rather than 9 p.m.

    • Milton, these occupy gutter scum wouldn’t know responsibility if it kicked them in the ass. What have they done to contribute to this country? Nothing!! And they want to keep it that way. They expect to just put their hands out and have everything gift wrapped and handed to them. They want to implement a system in which they can be rewarded for failure. This movement isn’t about changing anything for the positive, no no no, instead they will take their safety in numbers, protest side by side in a huge mess of filth, trash, and disease, and yell in a mass of confused voices about perceived injustices. Sure some have solid points and valid arguments, but as a whole they don’t know what the F@CK (mark), they want. Until they can understand rugged individualism, and not social collectivism, they will be stuck in their station in life.

  6. Milton Maxwell

    Just read the “open letter” to Occupy Reno on Facebook.

    Two comments.

    1) Whenever something is failing miserably, people tend to go to the
    “we’re raising awareness ” card.

    2) Maybe the Dingo ate your baby.