GA Reminder (11/2)

Just to remind everyone that we are having one of our two regularly scheduled weekly GA’s today, November 2, at 240 Moana Lane at 6 p.m. This is a crucial time for the occupation. If you are concerned with the direction of the Occupy Reno movement or have a concrete suggestion or idea to bring to the group, please come and have your voice heard. This is our time to get together and figure out what is working and what can be improved. We hope to see you there!


7 responses to “GA Reminder (11/2)

  1. Milton Maxwell

    Am I reading this right?? These stupid idiots in Oakland ( which Occupy Reno posted that they were in solidarity with) vandalize and destroy businesses, then hold a freaking meeting to discuss whether they’re going to apologize??

    Which was then voted down???

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    OAKLAND — After a night of confrontations with police and 80 arrests in downtown Oakland, people on both sides of the fence were in damage-control mode, with Occupy Oakland organizers and city officials trying to figure out what to do next.
    In the late morning Occupy campers met for three hours and reached an anti-vandalism consensus that will be presented at Thursday night’s general assembly for a vote. They were also discussing whether to apologize for the destruction. The group decided that instead of formal apology, they would tell the busineses that they regret what happened and offer to help.
    “It’s not about anarchists versus liberals, it’s about (expletive) versus occupy Oakland,” said the meeting facilitator.
    Milani, a camper who did not want to give a last name, spoke against apologizing to businesses. She said it wasn’t just outsiders committing vandalism.
    “The person I saw putting toilet paper up, they’re a facilitator at the general assembly. The person spray painting, they’re on the events committee,” she said.

  2. Milton Maxwell

    How many people showed up for the noon March today?
    I bet it was somewhere between 4 and 6.
    You guys are on a roll.

    Why don’t you raise some money for sick kids or something?

    Sitting in an abandoned swimming pool parking lot begging for drinking water ( make sure it’s not in plastic, though!) is disgusting to people..

    DO SOMETHING!!!!!!

  3. What a bunch of douche bags you are. Especially the one who can’t spell Capitalism on his cardboard box

  4. douche bags…..

  5. Milton Maxwell

    Anti-Wall Street protesters in Oakland have vandalized a Whole Foods store and shattered windows at two downtown banks.

    Windows were shattered at a Bank of America branch, where someone also spraypainted “Class War” and “Shut it Down,” near Lake Merritt and a Chase bank at 20th and Webster streets.

    Police officers on Wednesday afternoon stood outside the Chase bank, where vandals also defaced the ATM machines, spraypainting them black.

    “For the Commune,” one graffiti message reads.

    “Withdraw Only,” another reads.

    Sheila Dvorak, 29, was visiting Oakland from upstate New York and geared up for a peaceful march Wednesday evening to the Port of Oakland to voice her concerns about healthcare.

    She stood somewhat stunned near the shattered Chase bank windows.

    “I think the root of the movement is peaceful,” said Dvorak, who marched across the Brooklyn Bridge with Occupy Wall Street last month. “I would ask whoever broke these windows to remember that. It’s the only way we’ll get what we want.”
    “This doesn’t feel right,” she added. “It’s not what I expected.”

    An axe-wielding vandal broke several windows at the Oakland Whole Foods Market, said company spokeswoman Jennifer Marples. In addition, the word “strike” was spray on an outside window, and the building was splashed with paint.

    The company closed the store down at about 3:30 p.m., and security guards escorted workers to their cars, she said.

    “Nobody was hurt,” she said. “Everyone, customers and team members, were all safe and sound. “Security is still there and will be there throughout the evening.”

  6. I cannot make it to the GA tonight, November 2, due to previous obligations. Please fill me in on the details afterwards.
    Thank you.

  7. Milton Maxwell

    How’s the begging going today?