Daily Archives: November 3, 2011

I Pledge to Occupy at Least One Day/Night a Week

There seems to be some divisive issues forming around actually occupying. This is happening for a number of reasons. Some of us have been so busy the past month trying to get everything in line to actually start occupying that we are now running around frantically trying to pick up the slack on all of our neglected responsibilities during this time. Some of us don’t want to go down there if we only have time to “occupy” for an hour or two. We want to do it right…right?

Well, in light of the arising problem that only about ten people are consistently occupying our 55,000 sq.  ft. occupation site, I think it’s more important for more people to be there sometimes than for less people to be there all of the time. What I am proposing is this- Everyone pledges to occupy at least one day and night per week. That’s it. Most people have one day and night that they aren’t working or in school. You can even bring your homework to the occupation! Plan to leave one tent between you and a few other people, and coordinate so that no one ever has to take it down and you can just switch off days to use it. Sleep in your car if you don’t have a tent. Whatever it takes.

Yeah, it’s warmer in your house. It’s easier to keep in the loop with your high speed internet. Hey, I’m writing this in my warm house right now. I understand. It may not always sound “fun”, but the reality is that the heart of this movement is actual occupation. This is hard work. Sometimes we are going to suffer a little bit, but it needs to happen. Come down after work. Stay the night. Plan ahead what day/night works best for you, and stick to it. If you are going down anyway to drop off supplies or attend a committee meeting or GA, why not just stay the night?

What does sleeping outside in the cold actually do for change? Well, a lot. If you go down to 240 Moana Lane and spend some time with the occupiers, you will see what I mean. There is a lot to learn and a lot of great ideas being collaborated on. Unfortunately, we are unintentionally creating two different communication loops- one for the actual occupiers lacking internet connections and one in this virtual world.

If you are physically capable, please PLEDGE TO OCCUPY ONE DAY A WEEK! Oh, and we should even have wi-fi soon.

In solidarity,