I Pledge to Occupy at Least One Day/Night a Week

There seems to be some divisive issues forming around actually occupying. This is happening for a number of reasons. Some of us have been so busy the past month trying to get everything in line to actually start occupying that we are now running around frantically trying to pick up the slack on all of our neglected responsibilities during this time. Some of us don’t want to go down there if we only have time to “occupy” for an hour or two. We want to do it right…right?

Well, in light of the arising problem that only about ten people are consistently occupying our 55,000 sq. Β ft. occupation site, I think it’s more important for more people to be there sometimes than for less people to be there all of the time. What I am proposing is this- Everyone pledges to occupy at least one day and night per week. That’s it. Most people have one day and night that they aren’t working or in school. You can even bring your homework to the occupation! Plan to leave one tent between you and a few other people, and coordinate so that no one ever has to take it down and you can just switch off days to use it. Sleep in your car if you don’t have a tent. Whatever it takes.

Yeah, it’s warmer in your house. It’s easier to keep in the loop with your high speed internet. Hey, I’m writing this in my warm house right now. I understand. It may not always sound “fun”, but the reality is that the heart of this movement is actual occupation. This is hard work. Sometimes we are going to suffer a little bit, but it needs to happen. Come down after work. Stay the night. Plan ahead what day/night works best for you, and stick to it. If you are going down anyway to drop off supplies or attend a committee meeting or GA, why not just stay the night?

What does sleeping outside in the cold actually do for change? Well, a lot. If you go down to 240 Moana Lane and spend some time with the occupiers, you will see what I mean. There is a lot to learn and a lot of great ideas being collaborated on. Unfortunately, we are unintentionally creating two different communication loops- one for the actual occupiers lacking internet connections and one in this virtual world.

If you are physically capable, please PLEDGE TO OCCUPY ONE DAY A WEEK! Oh, and we should even have wi-fi soon.

In solidarity,



36 responses to “I Pledge to Occupy at Least One Day/Night a Week

  1. @F.O.B. – OccuppyReno is asking for a cigarette rolling machine. It’s listed on the What We Need dry-erase board that is at the Moana pool site. They have a picture of it on Facebook that they posted http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=134832196622269&set=a.134829049955917.22809.120198714752284&type=3&theater You use a rolling machine for two things and both of those things are in violation of #2. That’s what I meant.

    • fat old broad with sign

      Ah ha… Now I understand and absolutely agree. I will be attending at least one meeting this weekend and because you have shown me this, I will bring it up – not on behalf of you, because I am not trying to represent you (and potentially misrepresent you) but because I agree with your point and would to add my voice to yours.

      • I’d be willing to bet that I’m not the only one to notice. Thank you for not speaking for me – obviously I’m perfectly capable of doing that myself. Best of luck to you.

    • fat old broad with sign

      One more thing before I shut down for the night. I was casually strolling around this website and I clicked on the How To Help link at the top of this page and lo and behold, there was a finished version of the moana pool needs and wants list. There isn’t any cigerette rolling machine or any other drug paraphernailia listed on this final version. I now suspect that the whiteboard pictured on Facebook was the product of a brainstorming session in which every silly or wrong-headed idea was written down.
      I still plan on bringing this up at the meeting though because it seems to me that this is just another example of the lack of communication and needless misunderstandings that have hurt the cohesiveness of what was once our group.
      I, for one, am not all that bothered by the split into two groups, as long as we all realize that we are still allies and not actually the Hatfields and McCoys. -Good night everyone! I apologize for my chattiness – I’m actually still riding a rather serious Halloween candy sugar high. πŸ˜‰


  2. I was not involved with any of the site decisions. I only Google d” Occupy Reno” and read an article that the site was located at the Moana Pool. I went down there to check it out and got involved from there. I had no idea until very recently that their was any controversy regarding the site. I have been following “Occupy Wall Street” since it began and I was hoping Reno would participate. No matter how anyone feels about the site lets all remember WHAT we have in common and that is WE ARE DONE WITH THE CORPORATE STRANGLE HOLD ON AMERICA AND THE REST OF THE WORLD. Just like our Revolutionary Fathers they were done with the Monarchy. They had a tough time organizing the colonies because they all had their own needs and wants and ways they thought things should be accomplished. They created a democracy where sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you don’t by majority rules. Try to keep an open mind, try compromise and patience but keep your passion and please don;t take your marbles and go home. We are still the 99% with a common goal. We just haven’t figured out out common path to get there yet but I am confident that we can because we are all smart and caring people. See you in the street tomorrow! National Transfer Your Money Day! That what is on my agenda is to answer your question.
    Peggy Buggy

  3. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the Skating Rink Downtown tomorrow morning( Saturday November 5) at 9 am for a peaceful protest of the major banks. Even before the “Occupy ” movement I have been wanting a chance to do this. Now I have support! I have made my sign and printed fliers to hand out. Today I am headed down to “The Springs” to secure my tent for winter weather. I pledge to spend every Thursday night there. My tent is open for rotation. Why am I doing this? I realize that it is not the government or “them” but we the people who really are in control and can create the change if we organize and work together with respect for all. We are not powerless we ARE powerful. I am willing to forfeit apathy and stand behind the symbol of tenting…. That is that I am serious and I am willing to be uncomfortable and I am willing to make the establishment uncomfortable with the mess of occupying, protesting and generally shaking the boat and no longer falling in line. Lets make up new rules that have parity for all. We can do that. Civil Rights have come a long way since I was a kid so I know all good things are possible. It just takes a little commitment.
    Peggy Buggy

  4. Everyone must keep in mind that the “Occupy” movement is only 6 weeks old nationally. No one is in charge and there is no established protocol for anything. Considering that, a space has been established among-st the chaos. All we have is a nation full of disillusioned citizens wondering where it all went wrong and now what to do? Birthing a new organization is like labor, it is hard work, messy and painful but in the end you have a new life. I believe that is the one thing everyone agrees on and that is a NEW WAY TO BE A NATION. Please lets stop the bickering on who’s group is the “real Occupiers” The fact is we have a legal spot to gather so lets gather. Lets work with what we have. If the downtown was meant to be we would be there. Lets not look back and continue to look forward. Lets ignore Milton’s negativity and feed all of the positive that has already been accomplished.
    I no longer have my corporate job so I created my own business . I read to and teach 4 year old children every day, Mr. Milton. I pledge to Occupy at least one day a week in my tent. I have moved my money. I am willing to listen to others and combine ideas . I am willing to do whatever it takes to stop the apathy and work to make our world a better place for all, old and young. I am 55 years old and I feel compelled to lend a helping hand to those coming up in the world. I want all those students and young people to have a chance. I want to honor and care for the elders who have gone before me.
    Peggy Buggy

    • fat old broad with sign

      Thank you Peggy, for this! Occupy is still so young – as Rachel Maddow put it last night, “Six weeks old and already talking!”


    • Peggy,

      I think you’re missing the point. It’s not about “who is the real occupiers.” The problem is comments like, “If the downtown was meant to be we would be there.” Once again you’re dictating what everyone else should be doing. It’s still, “Accept the pool or shut up!” And if I don’t agree, I’m being negative. This arrogance is what’s alienating people. There’s no room in your movement for people who don’t agree 100% with *your* agenda. Instead of supporting people who might want to do things differently, you feel threatened and try to stop them. What are you so afraid of, that you won’t be important any more? That the movement will go a different direction than *you* want it to? Well, it’s not *your* movement so stop trying to dictate what it should or shouldn’t be.

      But hey, what do I know. You’ve obviously got a handle on this. I mean, a five person occupation has to be scaring the shit out the 1%. I hear them crying right now. Or is that laughter?

      If the pool was meant to be, there would be more than five people there. Where are your hundreds now? You alienated them. That’s an amazing achievement.

      • fat old broad with sign

        Hi Billy,
        First of all I’m not speaking for anyone but me – but I don’t think that you are being negative when you critcise. I think that constructive criticism should always be welcomed and that destructive criticism should always be constructively criticised. πŸ™‚
        Now, I have a question.
        It seems to me that you are replying to more than Peggy’s comments on this thread. Is the *you* and *your* and *you’re* directed at Peggy personally, because all I have to go on regarding Peggy is her posted comments on this site, and I’m not feeling this arrogant, dictitorial, passive/aggressive vibe coming off her words. Is there something I don’t know regarding Peggy? Or are you actually addressing the movement as a whole – in which case, PLEASE reply with specific info regarding these problem(s) so that a conversation can start on how to fix them. We actually have a voice here on this website.


  5. I can only speak for myself – no one from either OccupyReno’s seems to want to include people like me who are physically unable to “show up” due to illness. I tried reaching out – the only response I got was when I had something to donate. Other than that the silence has been deafening and speaks volumes. I was very enthusiastic at first but that is no longer the case. All I see is hypocrisy, deceit, and pettiness. Thanks but no thanks! I don’t stand in solidarity with that.

    • fat old broad with sign

      Hi EvilPoet,
      I too am constrained by illness – though not my own – I am a caregiver for someone who is essentially bedridden. I regretfuly cannot camp overnight, nor even come down for most of the GAs. I think that it’s a shame that you feel you’re not getting much of a response from the people who seem to be in charge. But I also think my key words here are ‘feel’ and ‘seem’. As Peggy Buggy pointed out, this occupation is still so new and because it is not a top-down organization, the buck never actually stops anywhere. In the book series The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Universe the heroes are able to land their spaceship in the middle of a packed cricket stadium event with out being noticed because of the cloaking power of their SEP Field. SEP was the acronym for Somebody Elses Problem. An entire staduim full of people ignored the spaceship because they believed it to be somebody elses problem. i think that this is what we have here – a giant SEP Field. And it’s actually built in to the system’s design – no one in charge, so there’s is no one to tell what to think, say,
      or do. Your comment has helped my to figure out how I can help Occupy Reno. I’ve decided that I will be the website commentors’ welcoming committee. Want to join? πŸ™‚
      My motto is IMHO.
      I will always try to be polite.
      I will always try to be concise – (haha, too late for that!)
      I will always try to be responsive to what the commentor was saying.
      And I will always try to be servicey and upbeat.
      What do you think? Are you with me?:)


      • I’m familiar with The Hitchhikers Guide and SEP fields.

        “This is a story about four people named: Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody: There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.” -Author Unknown

        Does this sound like I’m with you? “All I see is hypocrisy, deceit, and pettiness. Thanks but no thanks! I don’t stand in solidarity with that.”

    • Tech recently created the http://discussion.occupyreno.org site for exactly this reason. We understand the necessity for physical gatherings, discussions and protests, but it is not 100% feasible for all members of our community. There are those that cannot join us downtown for action, but they need to be heard. I hope to see you on the forums. If there is another solution that you would like to see implemented, I am listening.

      • fat old broad with sign

        Hey thanks – Servicey!
        However, I much rather be here, where the virtual action is, than shunted off to some “faraway” chat room. Hey, this is just like the moana pool situation!
        But seriously, can someone (other than Milton) let me in on the schizm/soap opera between wordpress and .net? I feel so out of the loop.

        I feeling so out of the loop.

      • I’m familiar with the forum. I appreciate the effort that went into making it – it’s very nice. However, I can’t see myself participating due to the fact that OccupyReno took handouts and is now all friendly with the very powers they claim to be fighting against which to me is extremely hypocritical and counterproductive. I can’t just look the other way and ignore something like hypocrisy and deceit just because the cause is something I believe in. I also believe in honesty. If you’re going to clean up anything you should not leave any of the dirt behind.

  6. I have to agree with Billy, Justin, and Robert. You seem to have alienated a whole lot of people by your utterly baffling lack of direct action and your co-option by the very people who have a huge stake in preserving the status quo. To take the visceral anger and outrage of so many who showed up at the first few meetings and dissipate in a few short weeks through never ending GA’s, groveling for permission from the city council, and total lack of any meaningful action is quite the trick.

  7. It’s clear that no one wants to occupy a pathetic site like the pool. Seriously, how many people warned you that this would happen? But you just interrupted them and went right back to your pool idea. You drove this agenda and now you have to live with its failure. You own this.

    The energy is waning because you’ve never offered anyone any positive action. It was talk, talk, talk…then occupy a pool parking lot. Who wants to be a part of that? But it’s not all your fault, it’s the people you have to work with. OccupyReno.net *did* offer the action you wouldn’t, but no one showed up to that either. I heard so many people demanding action at every GA, but none of them showed up to Sunday’s march did they? You’re all pathetic.

    You all want to be able to tell your kids “I was there!” You want to be on the right side of history, but you won’t get cold, walk down the street, bother anyone, or make the establishment mad. HA! What a movement! And than you wonder why you have to beg people to come down there!

    Just wait until it stops getting warm during the day. You’ll *all* be gone after the first snow. Why? you don’t have any fire in your belly. The mayor and city council knew that; that’s why they let you have your lame little protest. They knew what I knew: winter is coming!

    You might as well stay at home; Reno’s movement is dead. It was dead after you proposed the pool, and the moment everyone listened to you when you counseled them to talk more and act less.

    I am so embarrassed for you. Go beg OccupyReno.net to come back to the movement; they were this city’s only hope for a real movement but you alienated them and drove them off.

  8. Stacey – Could you please reconcile the glaring contradiction that exists between OccupyReno’s Want List and #2 of the Occupiers Code?

    • fat old broad with sign

      Hey – you claim to be a poet, yet you don’t understand irony? πŸ™‚


      • Bzzz … I’m sorry! You missed the point! Better luck next time.

      • fat old broad with sign

        I’m sorry, I thought that your point was how does one reconcile the young man in the want list video on this page who said that he wanted marijuana to be legalized with item #2 of the Code which states that we will live a healthy and drug-free lifestyle. If that wasn’t your point, could you please (and I’m asking thiis sincerely) clarify what exactly you’re driving at.

  9. Robert Fuentes

    Just an evening reminder: FUCK YOU MILTON.

  10. I would love to support your movement but unfortunately despite numerous attempts I have been alienated by your group but not by your cause. If you truly do represent the 99 don’t disenfranchise those who would like to help that actually have a pulse on the actual problems. As an environmental professional working closely with state and federal agencies I think it is a shame you not only don’t give me a voice but the rest of the Occupy members that have reached out to you in vain. As far as I see it this is a hyped up after school club filled with ignorant youngsters who have yet to taste the woes of the real world

    • Justin, I am listening. I apologize if you do not feel like you have been heard. The GA’s were designed to address local movement issues and come to a consensus on these matters, as well as allow time for people to speak their mind to either create action or awareness. This has been underutilized. As with any other city, communicating in person seems to be the best method. Our next GA is Saturday at 12pm at the Moana Springs occupation site. Please join us, and please voice your opinions.

      • fat old broad with sign

        Also – don’t forget that there is an issues meeting at the Reno Public Library on sunday, Nov. 6th at 2 pm. It’s not like a regular GA. The issues that brought people to this movement are the discussion topic. Last week’s issues meeting, while it got offto a slow start, was actually very informative.

  11. It’s hard to get from squaw to reno most of the time. It makes me ill at the gas station. Not because of the money out of my pocket, but the obvious defeatist reasons. That being said, I pledge to think of any freetime as occupy time, whether I can make it or not. Thereafter, I will try as hard as I can to diligently occupy reno in the physical once a week. The importance of this movement in my heart has not and will not EVER fade. Thanks for being so steadfast and true, Stacey. There are hundreds of us spreading the word every day! OOOO’s forever!

  12. Milton, I dont usually feed the trolls, but I truly bet you could get a lot done and change a lot of lives if you focused your energy on more positive things. All this trolling has got to get exhausting.

    • Milton Maxwell

      Ahhhhhh, you miss the point. You call it trolling. I call it education. I also consider it quite positive to save people from wasting their time sitting in an abandoned swimming pool parking lot. How do you know if someone didn’t read my posts, think twice, then go read to a child?

      If I could just save one person from buying into this movement, I’ve done my job.

      If I agree with this total BS, I’m an enlightened activist. If I disagree, I’m a troll.

      In hilarity,


    • Milton Maxwell

      Don’t you find it a little ironic that before I began posting, hundreds of doofuses (or it it doofi?) showed up with nonsensical signs to an ice skating rink and after I started my educational posts , it’s down to 5 in an abandoned swimming pool parking lot?

      I believe in my heart that my posts woke these people up and they are now volunteering their time to something of significance.

      Thank you.

  13. Robert Fuentes

    It’s time to cut your losses. If OCCUPY can admit that it was a strategic error to occupy Moana, then there may be hope. The reason the movement went down was because of OCCUPY’s shameful deal with City Hall. To most of us, it was a humiliating and insulting defeat.
    Bob Cashell is not on OUR side – nor is Dave Aiazzi or the other council members. Let’s be clear: Reno City Hall is the Wall Street of Reno – it has been bilking and raping taxpayers under the current regime for years.
    The OWS movement isn’t about endless meetings, campfires and movie nights – take a lesson from Oakland.

  14. Milton Maxwell

    One glaring line in your post that sums up why the occupation is one gigantic failure.

    “This is hard work”

    In hilarity,


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