Events for Tomorrow (11/5)

A quick reminder about all of the events going on tomorrow. November 5 is busy day!

Occupy Reno will assemble at City Plaza (Ice Rink) at 9am. Once we have all gathered we will make a decision on whether to split up and go to separate banks, or to go as one big group to each bank. Then we will be marching back to City Plaza and from there we will make the decision to march to Moana Springs or not. No controversial signs, no going onto bank property unless you are going to be withdrawing your money and closing your account, and no violating pedestrian laws or yelling rude things. We want this to be peaceful and we want a lot of us. BRING YOUR CAMERAS! If anything goes wrong or anyone is locked inside a bank, we need to get this on video or at least a picture.

This will be going on right up until the General Assembly starts at noon at 240 Moana Lane. If you do not wish to participate in the bank protest, we are holding a workshop at the occupation from 11-12.

The rest of the events for tomorrow are as follows and are all on site (“Moana Springs”, 240 Moana Lane):
11 a.m.-noon: Workshop-Building a Solar Kitchen
1 p.m.: Workshop-Grey water filtration
2-5 p.m.: Open Mic time with one planned speaker so far teaching two separate mini-workshops- one on Bank Theory and Fact and the Flow of Power Through the Top of the 1%, and the other on Elite Flow of Power and Consensus Action Steps to Take Back Local Commerce.
5-6 p.m.: Group dinner. Bring your own food to cook.
6-9 p.m. Film: Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
Bring your music, your art, your voice, your tent, your signs, and most importantly-yourself!
See you soon,
Occupy Reno

4 responses to “Events for Tomorrow (11/5)

  1. Robert Fuentes

    Lest I forget. FUCK YOU MILTON.

    • Hey Robert fentez,
      Your sexual advances towards Milton border on desperate. Maybe you are confused, this is the site for occupy Reno not a site for occupy Roberts ass. We all understand how perverted you are, but please stop propositioning Milton for gay sex in an open forum, it’s kinda creepy.

  2. Milton Maxwell

    Why don’t you sell your stupid spray painted whatever the heck kind of vehicle that is, take the money and go volunteer your time “occupying” Haiti.

  3. Milton Maxwell

    What were you begging for again today?
    Did you actually go on camera asking for socks, firewood and water?
    You able bodied, 20 something lazy arse spoiled freakin brats.

    Did you get your cigarette rolling machine yet???

    Hopefully when you withdraw your $8.32 from the bank tomorrow, you’ll think about the people below.

    The Haitian government has reported more than 6,500 deaths as a result of the ongoing cholera outbreak in Haiti, health officials said on Saturday. Hundreds of thousands more have been sickened.

    According to the United Nations (UN) World Health Organization (WHO), Haiti has recorded nearly 470,000 cases of cholera, including 6,595 deaths, since an epidemic of the disease erupted approximately one year ago.

    WHO spokesperson Tarek Jasarevic said the disease could infect another 75,000 people by the end of the year if the current trend continues. Of the nearly 470,000 patients, some 250,000 people have been hospitalized.

    If the rate does continue, the number of total victims could reach more than half a million in a country of approximately 9.7 million.