Marching at 9 AM

Greetings 99ers!

I apologize for the last-minute nature of this but we will be doing things like this constantly. Everyone down at the occupation site would like to thank the gracious members of the community for their overwhelming support. You give us the strength to endure anything mother nature can throw at us! We love you all!!!!

In honor of our first night of rain/hail/snow we came to a consensus around the campfire to wake up early and go on a morning march up Virginia St. to the financial center of Reno! Time to show the city of Reno we are not going anywhere!

8 AM Breakfast

9 – 9:15 Start march from Moana Springs

Come join us!!!!!


4 responses to “Marching at 9 AM

  1. Milton Maxwell

    President Obama’s attorney sent a letter to Congressional investigators on Friday, saying the White House would not cooperate with a subpoena requesting documents related to its doling out a $535 million loan guarantee to now bankrupt solar panel manufacturer Solyndra.

    “We have been reasonable every step of the way in this investigation, and it is a shame that the Obama Administration and House Democrats continue to put up partisan roadblocks to hide the truth from taxpayers. Solyndra was a jobs program gone bad, and we must learn the lessons of Solyndra as we work to turn our economy around and put folks back to work. Our judicious and methodical work over the last eight months has garnered tens of thousands of pages of documents from DOE and OMB that have proven we are on the right track. Now, we need to know the White House’s role in the Solyndra debacle in order to learn the full truth about why taxpayers now find themselves a half billion dollars in the hole. The White House could have avoided the need for subpoena authorizations if they had simply chosen to cooperate. That would have been the route we preferred, and frankly, it would have been better for the White House to get the information out now, rather than continue to drag this out. Our request for documents is reasonable – we are not demanding the President’s blackberry messages as we are respectful of Executive Privilege. What is the West Wing trying to hide? We owe it to American taxpayers to find out.”

  2. Milton Maxwell

    Hey. I was gonna drive over to the Sacramento Zoo this weekend, but decided to just watch the happenings at abandoned pool…errrrr ….occupy reno… instead.

    I’ll save money and get much more entertainment value!

    Your media interviews are priceless! Way funnier than watching Jersey Shore.


    In hilarity,


  3. So, how did this go? How many people showed up for your 9am march?