Outreach & Action — Meeting Tonight — 5:30p — Moana

The Outreach Committee will be holding its next regular meeting tonight at 5:30pm at the Moana site. Please arrive promptly so we can get started quickly!

Agenda for the meeting:

> Occupy Black Friday
——-> following up on the 05.Nov GA, let’s discuss how to make an effective, tasteful demonstration to raise awareness about materialism/consumerism and the importance of buying local
——-> discussion of proposed plan, logistics in addition to tone, other issues

> Community Service
——-> there has been a lot of support for Occupy doing service projects for the community; let’s talk more about what that means and how we will do it
——-> info from Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful re: projects, tools, etc

> Proposal: Occupy Foreclosure
——->what do we think about the idea of posting signs at foreclosed homes and business saying something along the lines of, “Brought to you by the 1%”?

> Miscellaneous ideas, bloviations, pedantry


3 responses to “Outreach & Action — Meeting Tonight — 5:30p — Moana

  1. You all seem to be doing some great work! I wish I could join you in person. For the time being, I’m not able to make Tuesday meetings, so I’ll chime in when I can. I’ve a couple of ideas and a report from Occupy Research in NY.

    Boycotting Black Friday, which is a ploy by venders to encourage spending, is certainly an obvious reaction targeting venders and manufacturers. Two ideas: 1. Could we refine our message to exempt local enviro-friendly concerns, i.e. “buy local”? 2. Better yet, could we encourage free will gifting, or making handmade gifts side-stepping the exchange of money but retaining that spirit of good will. We could also facilitate that idea by hosting free arts or craft projects at a local library, or City Hall. If we were to host such an workshop, ? “Santa’s Workshop” (Santa doesn’t charge, right?) maybe local art supply vendors might donate/gift the materials. Free activity! Free donation of time! Free donation of materials! Who needs money?!!!

    Along the lines of Occupy Foreclosure (love the idea), could we also make some “We are the 99%” signs for people to post on their property in a show of support for the movement – something like campaign yard signs? If we could get people to come and pick them up, it might bring folks in to see “where we stay” at Moana Park. Maybe we could give them away at a GA.

    Re: Occupy Research. I participated in the send half of the second Occupy Research phone conference last Sunday. Topics for research are wide open and collaboration is encouraged. Those interested can hook up with others who have already identified research topics or forge new directions. Statistic are also being gathered elsewhere. I have yet to see that format. As we have already collected some data about people involved in our local movement, we might want take a look at what data is being collected and see if we’d like to expand our survey, or simply to offer our data to the national pool as is. One topic of concern/caution on that call, which sounded like a topic would come up again, was the issue of confidentiality insuring individual privacy.

    Thanks for listening,

    • outreachoccupyreno

      Patricia — Thank you for the support! Our conversation last night touched on some of the points you make.

      While there was agreement that Black Friday has a lot to do with meaningless consumerism, when unemployment is at 14% in our state I think we have to swallow a little more materialism than we otherwise might. =] You can see from the agenda that we were tuned into the Buy Local mantra. Rather than shame people for being shoppers (because it’s negative, and because the economy needs just about any stimulus it can get) we are taking a more positive tone — when you do your holiday shopping, remember to give back to the community by buying local.

      I haven’t heard much about Occupy Research, but it sounds like a neat idea. We have a discussion forum at discussion.occupyreno.org where we are hoping to have these drawn-out conversations. Come share your ideas there!

  2. Milton Maxwell

    You guys are AWESOME! If I only had HALF the integrity it takes to do what you guys are trying to do, I might actually set some goals for myself. I would be there with you guys, but I need the “jaws of life” to get out of my house. I’ll make sure to keep scanning the blog (and ALL blogs for that matter) to provide moral support where I can.

    Milton “Diapers” Maxwell