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Saturday, 11/12: OCCUPY BLACK FRIDAY march!

Click the image to download flyers for printing!

We’re gearing up to OCCUPY BLACK FRIDAY. Did you know that, of every dollar you spend in a big chain store, only 43¢ goes into the local economy? Spend that same dollar at a locally-owned business, and 68¢ is reinvested locally. [Source]

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the biggest shopping day of the holiday season. We’re inviting EVERYONE to pledge to shop locally whenever possible.

Also, Bank Transfer Day may be over, but this is still a great time to open an account with a locally-owned bank or credit union. Let’s keep our money in our community, where it belongs!


This Saturday, join us for our first Black Friday march. We will meet at 240 W Moana at 10:00am, and march down to Virginia & McCarran. There we will post on the four corners. The THEME is Buy Local, Bank Local this Holiday Season. Bring signs that advertise the theme (and some shameless self-advertising as well).

We’ll march every Saturday, and on Black Friday too. For more information, see this blog post or check the calendar at the right of this page.

Want to hand out flyers? Here are some new flyer designs. As always, you can find flyers in the Occupy Reno Flyers depository. Click on these images to download a full-sized file for printing!

Occupy Black Friday / Buy Local flyers, 4 per page

We Love Reno Too flyers, 4 per page

General flyers, 5 per page

We’re always working on improving our flyers, and we love your ideas! If you want to talk flyer design, post your thoughts at the Flyers & Graphics Discussion Board.

– JR/Media



ATTENTION: Tonight @ 5pm, News 4 will have a live feed down at Moana Springs. Please join us and stand in solidarity with Occupy Reno.

Please remember that no ONE person speaks for the group, we do NOT endorse any political candidate or organization and that we do NOT condone violence…

– Outreach

Veteran’s Day ACTION: Today, 11am

Hey folks, happy Veteran’s Day. Today’s an important day to honor those who risked their lives for our rights.

A group of us will be gathering at 11:00 am at City Plaza (the downtown ice rink), wearing 99% shirts, to show solidarity.

No signs, just be there!

Don’t have a 99% shirt? Wear a white t-shirt.