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RIGHT NOW: City coming to take our signs.

We’ve just received word that the City of Reno is coming down to the Moana Pool to remove our signs.

The awesome banner pictured above is the one most in question. The banner is hanging on the building itself. We love it: It increases our visibility and does a lot for morale too. Hanging this banner was within the terms of our permit with the City: We can post signs, as long as they don’t damage the building.

City officials assert that the banner will pull on the structure when it’s windy, and may cause damage. If you disagree, get down to 240 Moana RIGHT NOW and make your voice heard! They could show up at any moment..

– Jessica


Update and (exciting) Upcoming Actions!

Hey Guys,

First and foremost we would like to thank our gracious host Strega Bar. They have offered to host our Outreach/Media meetings every Monday @ 5:30pm and we have accepted. This meeting time and location will be listed in the RN&R under the title “Occupy Reno Outreach/Media.” Barring any unforeseen circumstances, this will be a great place to occupy and we look forward to strengthening our numbers.

Below are the minutes from the Outreach/Media meeting:


We still plan on meeting at 240 W Moana @ 8:00am on 11/25/2011. At that point, we will decide upon splitting into different groups or staying together. We have 2 solid plans to demonstrate at Meadowood Mall and Legends. We will carpool from the site.

A suggestion for Black Friday was to use our projectors to post images on the side of malls @ midnight on Black Friday morning. We could use our generators to power the projectors. Possible themes could be: They Live, Police Brutality, Global Occupy Events, etc… Please contact outreach@occupyreno.org if you would like to assist in this project.

Flyers are available in the Flyers directory on occupyreno.org. PLEASE POST THEM EVERYWHERE. We are finalizing our Informational Fliers for the event. They should be available soon.


In addition to our regularly scheduled events for the week of 11/27/2011, the following has been added to the schedule:

Thursday (12/1/2011) we will demonstrate in the Lower Quad at UNR from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. We NEED PROFESSORS to donate 5 minutes of their time to this event. They can speak to whatever topic they would like.
Please contact any professional acquaintances you may have and convince them to share their knowledge at this event. Possible satirical skit or other live performances are also welcome. Either email outreach@occupyreno.org OR attend the next Outreach/Media meeting to announce progress reports!

The GA (General Assembly) for Saturday, 12/3/2011, has been relocated to downtown Reno (possibly Wingfield Park). The time is still 12:00pm. After the 12/3/2011 GA, we plan to Cash Mob the small, local businesses between downtown and Midtown.

  • Bring flyers to hand out to people
  • Wear your 99% gear
  • Be prepared to talk to people about the movement and attempt to recruit others
  • Don’t forget your cash and your smile


  • Free Store
  • Outreach to high school events => high school teachers
  • Contact Senators Reid and Heller and demand they sign a 99% pledge (issues forum)
  • Contact NV Treasurer Kate Marshall and demand that NV tax dollars be removed from Wells Fargo and BofA to a bank of our choosing
  • Organize a Student/Faculty walk-out at UNR/TMCC/WNC
  • Movie nights at Strega
  • Publishing a monthly news letter

Last night’s meeting was very energizing and I’m glad that we met some of our brothers and sisters in Occupation. But remember guys, if we do not take the initiative to act on these plans, then no one will. Do not wait for permission from your comrades to act; rather, act in order to be held accountable to your comrades. We need you to showcase your talents and volunteer ANY skills that you have to offer. We need your art, your labor, your knowledge and your reason. We need you because you are the 99%!

Most importantly, remember that the dialogue can not stop here. We must continue this conversation outside of our meetings. We must be brave enough to represent a movement that has been slandered in the press. We must demonstrate that the ‘soup line’ is capable of organizing. We must wake up the others.

In solidarity,