Daily Archives: November 27, 2011

Introducing the Occupy Reno Hoop House!

Occupy Reno has begun yet another program to benefit our local community: a garden for the 99%! In addition to cleaning parks, supporting local businesses, educating the public and helping people facing home foreclosure, Occupy Reno has created a 12×12 hoop house at the Moana site to grow food for occupiers (for now) and to show that we could become a productive part of the Reno local food network! This could include supplying produce to the Great Basin Community Food Co-op or even participating in the Farm to School program which provides local schoolchildren with locally grown produce!

Please come visit our site and take a tour. Bring your gloves, your seeds and especially your ideas to help us grow this and the Moana Park into something special!

Occupy Everywhere!
-David Sater (from the Green Committee)



No Issues Forum on 27 November. 5th Issues Forum, 4 December.

No Issues Forum will be held on 27 November. The 5TH ISSUES FORUM will be on 4 December in Room 104 at Mathewson Center as announced at the 20 November Issues Forum and the 23 November GA. For more details see http://discussion.occupyreno.org//index.php/topic,139.0.html.