Miiiiiiic Check!

Yesterday was a great day for Occupy Reno and the movement as a whole!

We had an amazing turnout for the UNR Q+A  session with about 65 new members signed up for the cause and plenty more curiosity from students passing by in between classes and walking out of the library.

While  many of us were unable to attend the USPS meeting last night at Wooster High, our brothers and sisters of OR did a wonderful job representing us. Please click on the link below for the news story and video of our mic check.

OR Mic Checks USPS

This isn’t over yet! Please write: Manager Consumer & Industry Contact, Nevada-Sierra District, 1001 E Sunset RD, Las Vegas, NV 89199-9655. That is the USPS office that iscollection public comment in this issue. The most compelling thing you can say to them is if they end local overnight first class mail you’ll likely send far fewer letters. This whole scheme hinges on changing local overnight first class mail to two and three day delivery.

To quote Ben C., “I wanted to express my deep sense of pride for this organization and everyone that came together yesterday to make it all possible. You guys are the inspiration that keeps me energized and optimistic! From UNR to Wooster High, let Occupy Reno amplify the voice of the people. Let it echo throughout the valley and sustain through the winter. Let it unite us in strengthening the commonwealth of all people. Let it be the light that guides us to victory!”

I couldn’t agree more. Thank you all for your support. Please stay tuned for updates and agenda for the GA tomorrow downtown!



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