Daily Archives: December 5, 2011

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for the Occupy Reno (maga)zine

Creative type? Got something to say to the people of Reno? “Why Occupy,” a new periodical zine, will have its first issue in January, and we’re looking for content.

All submissions are welcome. Essays, art, photos, poetry, and anything else that inspires and informs. Please keep written submissions under 500 words (ish).

The zine will be a black and white booklet that we can hand out to anyone who wants to understand what Occupy is about. We’ll try to include information about the national and local movements, as well as updates on events that aren’t being covered in the traditional media.

We’re also reaching out to local businesses that support our movement, asking them to buy ad space. This will give us the funds to print our zine — and it’ll win businesses some very loyal customers.

If you’re interested in participating, please email media@occupyreno.org.

Jessica / Media