Daily Archives: December 6, 2011

Occupy Foreclosure Actions

Occupy Foreclosures

With Nevada being the Foreclosure Capital of the United States, it is time for us Nevadans to lead the charge against fraudulent foreclosures. We must bring public attention to the predatory lending practices that artificially inflated the prices of our homes. We must expose the greed inherent in our system that has reduced our livelihoods to mere commodities to be exchanged on Wall Street. We must remind the people that it was us, the working class, that bailed out our pseudo-landlords when their counterfeit pricing structure collapsed and we must empower our neighbors to join us. United we will stand against the tyranny of a system that values profits over people. Together,  we are more powerful than greed. Together, we will force those who try to oppress us to play by our rules. Our strength is in unity.

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