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Updates! Meeting with the City, upcoming events and SANTA CRAWL

Click the map to help plan Occupy Reno's contribution to the Santa Crawl!

This Saturday, we’ve got multiple actions for Occupiers of every stripe.

  • 12 noon – Occupy Reno has been invited to join a celebration of U.N. International Human Rights Day. Meet downtown at the Christmas tree.
  • 1pm – Occupy Your Yoga Mat! A free yoga class with Stacey. Andon recommends you wear your full-length yoga pants, as this class will be outdoors in the West Street Plaza.
  • 2pm – General Assembly at Brick Park, aka the West Street Plaza, aka the circle at 1st Street & West Street. We’ve changed the time for this week only, to accommodate some supporters who’ve never been able to come to a GA due to their work schedules.
  • Saturday night – Occupy the North Pole! Join the Reno Santa Crawl dressed as an elf. We’re protesting workers’ rights in Santa’s Workshop. This is a mock protest! We’ll be joining the Santa Crawl, bar hopping with all the Santas and supporting local businesses and schools. Meet at the arch at midnight to sing a 99% carol. We are putting gifts under the tree, with tags that expose labor conditions in overseas sweatshops.

The Santa Crawl crew needs your help! Help rewrite carols, make gift tags and get things organized at the Santa Crawl discussion thread.

On a slightly less festive but equally positive note: A delegation from Occupy Reno met with representatives from the City of Reno and the Police Department this Wednesday. The City was interested in OR’s future plans, and wanted to re-emphasize that we have a good relationship that is worth hanging on to. If we ever have questions in the future about what’s going on with our permits and other City-related information, we now know who to contact and how.

There’s quite a bit more information in the 12/7 General Assembly minutes, including our notes from the City Hall meeting. Please read them and keep yourself up to date.

Other updates:

  • The 12/6 foreclosure protest was small in number but definitely effective. Well done.
  • Occupiers under the age of 18 are no longer allowed to remain at the Moana site after 10pm unless accompanied by a parent.
  • We’re looking at a $700 charge for renewing the Moana insurance certificate. Chip in at the next General Assembly.
  • David is preparing to set up in-person meetings with our representatives.
  • 12/12 is a national Occupy the Ports action date. We will be sending representatives to Oakland to help out, and will also be handing out educational flyers at the Alamo truck stop.

More on upcoming actions soon — keep checking in with the blog and the discussion forums. Thanks to everyone who made time to participate this week!

Jessica / Media


This Week in Occupy (video)

Josh Hayes of Visual Anarchy has created a weekly video with photos and updates from Occupy groups around the nation. And yes, Reno is in there. The caption is factually incorrect (as you’ll see), but it’s still worth sharing. We are all proud of the Occupiers who brave such cold temperatures every night! Thanks for your all-encompassing commitment to creating change.

I won’t tell you where to find the Occupy Reno segment, because I want you to watch the entire video. It is nothing short of inspiring.

Let’s get into next week’s video! Send any great photos from this week to media@occupyreno.org. Also, please continue to send in your submissions for the Occupy Reno (maga)Zine. The more we make ourselves seen and heard, and the more we explain what we’re doing, the less power our opponents keep.

Jessica / Media