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Get Involved: State Legislature Meeting – Save Wolf Pack Meats – Protest Postal Center Closure

Armchair activists, part-time protesters and occasional occupiers, now’s your moment to take ACTION. Several issues that directly affect our community are on the table this week. Get involved right now, and you can really make a difference.

Tuesday 12/13: State of Nevada Economic Forum

This just in from Carson City: A group of at least a dozen Occupiers will sit in on the Nevada State Legislature’s Economic Forum. This is a non-disruptive event — that is to say, nobody will be protesting. Instead, they’ll be representing the Occupy community and the 99% during an important discussion about Nevada’s economic future.

Occupy Carson has prepared a statement which they’ll read in front of our lawmakers. The more people in attendance to support that statement, the more effective it’ll be. Occupy Reno is invited to come down and take part. If you can make it, be in the lobby of the Legislature building at 1:20pm tomorrow. You can not bring a sign, but you can wear your 99% gear.

Save Wolf Pack Meats

This Wednesday, the Reno City Council will consider rezoning part of the UNR Main Station Farm. If that happens, the land will become an industrial zone. What’s so special about that piece of land? Well, it’s the last remaining farmland in Reno, and an important floodplain for the Truckee River. It also happens to be the home of a UNR-supported farm where students learn to raise, manage and slaughter animals humanely. Wolf Pack Meats has the only USDA-inspected slaughterhouse in Northern Nevada, and the meat is sold locally at Great Basin Co-op.

Local food and agriculture advocates are asking the City to postpone their vote and look into better alternatives. If you agree, sign this petition to save Wolf Pack Meats. Over 11,000 signatures so far! Please also come to the City Council meeting, at City Hall, on Wednesday at 5pm. If you’d like to organize an action, go to this discussion thread and get involved.

Stop the U.S. Postal Service from closing Reno’s distribution center

Ten days ago, Occupy Reno mic checked the United States Postal Service, protesting the potential closing of our local distribution center. If the distribution center is closed, 177 local jobs will be lost, and all local mail will be routed through Sacramento. Even the City Council supports keeping the distribution center open. For more information, see this article.

To protest, write a letter to the USPS, stating that “local first class overnight delivery” is the most important USPS service you use. The whole plan for closing the sorting center hinges on ending local first class overnight delivery, so it’s crucial that you mention the importance of that service.

Your letter MUST be postmarked December 16 or before. Address it to:
Manager, Consumer & Industry Contact
Nevada-Sierra District
1001 E Sunset Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89199-9655

Meanwhile, some of our Occupiers are down in San Francisco and Oakland for today’s Occupy the Ports protests. And the Outreach and Media committees are meeting tonight at 5:30 and 6:30 respectively, at Strega Bar.

We’ll update you soon with some of the latest happenings — keep reading the blog and checking in on Facebook and Twitter.

– Jessica / Media