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Occupy Reno in Oakland

Some Occupy Reno members went to Oakland to Occupy the Ports.
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Outreach/Media recap; plans for today and Saturday

Los Angeles voted unanimously to support “Legislative actions ensuring corporations are not entitled to the protections or ‘rights’ of human beings”.
We hope Reno will do the same.
  • Today (12/14/2011) Reno City Council will be taking public comments @ 12:00pm. We encourage individuals to ask the City of Reno to formally state that they DO NOT recognize corporations as people (ala LA). Show up at 11:45 to fill out a blue form, or you will not be allowed to speak. Occupy Reno will follow up (pending GA approval) at the next City Council Meeting on 1/18/2012.
  • Tonight (12/14/2011) Reno City Council will be reviewing plans to re-district the UNR farmland to industrial land @ 6:00pm. The Great Basin Co-Op, along with other organizations, have a statement prepared for the Council. They are asking for people to arrive @ 5:00pm for a quick review. We encourage people to attend this event.
  • TONIGHT’S GA is at the same time as the City Council meeting. Saturday’s GA voted not to reschedule, so you’ll need to choose which one is most important to you.
  • The National Defense Authorization Act would allow the U.S. military to arrest U.S. citizens on U.S. soil and hold them indefinitely without a trial.
  • Saturday (12/17/2011) marks the 3 month anniversary of the Occupy Movement. It’s also the last weekend before President Obama chooses whether to sign or veto the NDAA, a bill which would effectively institute martial law in America. It seems like a good time for a demonstration.

    Pending Wednesday GA approval, we plan to march after the Saturday GA (2:00ish).
    Tonight’s GA should discuss incorporating the following themes:
    – Orwellian ideas of state control and doublespeak
    – Dirty Hippy attire vs. 1% attire
    – 1st fiscal quarter reports for the Occupation (perhaps expose quarterly earnings for 1% corporations)
    – PROTEST THE NDAA and inform the general public of the dangers behind S.1867
    After the march, the band Merkin has agreed to play acoustic downtown for us.

  • There will be multiple facilitator training sessions for people interested in helping facilitate meetings and GAs. Facilitator trainings are open to the public. The first training is today at noon; the next is tentatively scheduled after the GA this Sat. with more consistent time TBA. Topics: what is the role of the facilitator? techniques employed, what consensus means.
  • We encourage any and all 99% to apply for a lobby license for the NV Legislature.
  • The Zine Team needs volunteers to help with all aspects of production, especially the timeline from all Occupations. Contact media@occupyreno.org if you’re interested.
  • Proposal for downtown occupation Jan. 1 with peaceful arrests most likely being made. This will be presented at an upcoming GA.
  • Another new proposal: “Get arrested for charity” street theater idea with volunteer off duty cops. Working group started.

– Jessica / Media