Daily Archives: December 23, 2011

GA Reminder and Happy Holidays from Occupy Reno!

Wow, time flies! We are already over three months into this movement, well into the holidays, and just about a week away from the new year. While many of us will be out of town in the next week, we will still be having our regularly scheduled General Assembly tomorrow beginning at 1 p.m. in Brick Park (1st St. and Center St. next to Java Jungle) as well as Wednesday’s General Assembly at 6 p.m. at 240 Moana Lane. We may or may not reach quorum, but we’d still love to see your smiling faces and hear your ideas about the direction of Occupy Reno in the future.

We will not be having our weekly Occupy Your Yoga Mat classes tomorrow or New Year’s Eve before the GA, but they will start up again the first Saturday of 2012.

Also, there will be a Christmas dinner around noon at the occupation on Sunday, the 25th. Please show your support for the occupiers by dropping by with leftovers, warm drinks, or sharing in some campfire conversations if you can!

We wish you all very Happy Holidays, and don’t be afraid to bring up the movement as you visit loved ones. We all have much more in common than we do different! It’s a great time for them to relate to the movement on a more personal level- through you! 

Your Occupy Family