“Occupy 2.0” – Occupy City Hall – Good Deeds – Got Laptop?

If you caught Occupy Reno on the Channel 4 News this week, you may have heard about “Occupy 2.0.” While the reality isn’t quite as “in your face” as it sounds on TV, it’s still an exciting development.

Occupy Charter

The Charter group has been hard at work coming up with an official document that will formalize and streamline Occupy Reno’s organization. This is a big step forward for us, and it will be better if everyone participates. The Charter will be a “living document” that can be changed at any time, but the best time to weigh in is right now.

Please read the draft Charter Document and give your feedback here: Occupy Reno Charter Draft.

Occupy City Hall

Occupy City Hall has been a highly successful campaign, with 704 signed letters as of Saturday morning. Next week, the City Hall crew will be asking passersby to sign the Bernie Sanders petition to amend the Constitution.

The same intrepid individuals have been at City Hall every day, and will be there next week too. Come down and join the protest if you can, and consider bringing cocoa, cider, snacks and cups to share.

OR’s Good Deeds

Occupiers handed out food this weekend at the Reno homeless shelter.

This weekend, Occupy Reno members did their first stint serving food at the Reno homeless shelter.

The UNR committee is organizing its first “teach-in” next week after the Saturday GA. This will hopefully be an ongoing series offering free education on seminal issues.

Camp Needs

Moana Springs’ hoophouse is fully planted, and the Green committee is working on tilling a new garden area. Please bring topsoil, loam, non-toxic wood ash, diatomaceous earth and other soil amendments, and help till the soil if you can.

The Infrastructure committee needs a laptop for camp business. Can you donate an old computer?

The “Occu-Flu” has hit some Occupiers hard. Please donate any vitamins and cold remedies you can spare.

Other News

Actions are in the works for 1/17 and 1/20. January 20 is a National Day of Action against corporate personhood. More information will be available soon. If you want to help plan these actions, come to the Outreach/Action meeting, Monday 1/9 at 5:30 at Strega Bar.

The second UNR rally will be on 2/2. Please contact unr@occupyreno.org if you want to speak! We need more voices from the community to share their stories and fiery speeches.

The Moana Springs permit expires on 1/25. We will be discussing options for renewal at future GAs. Also up for discussion: options for incorporation.

The Media committee will be separating from Outreach. If you want to be involved with Media, come to the next Outreach/Media meeting, Monday 1/9 at 6:30pm at Strega Bar. We will be choosing a new meeting time and place.

For more updates, please read the most recent General Assembly minutes.

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