Occupy Reno is Moving Forward!

First off, thank you to everyone who attended the GA last night and shared their insight. Below is a message from Laurel, who facilitated yesterday’s GA:

“At this past General Assembly, we discussed many issues facing Occupy Reno as we move forward. There were many passionate words and inspiring speeches. While there was some verbal sparring–which there will always be when a bunch of fiery, smart, and strong-willed individuals get together, as someone wisely pointed out at the GA–everyone at the meeting was committed to moving forward. In this spirit, we are marching on. We are pursuing options for staying at Moana Springs as well as pursing other opportunities to occupy other locations.

We do not know whether or not we will have to leave Moana Springs when our original permit expires next Wednesday (January 25th) at 4:00PM. If we do leave, we want to make sure that we leave no trace behind. On Sunday, we will be cleaning the site starting at 12noon. However, if you have a truck/trailer/hauling means or a site to store items, please visit the site whenever you can to pick up items that are not immediately necessary for the occupiers still there. There will be occupiers at the site until the 25th (and perhaps beyond)!

Finally, thank you to all those who spoke today at the GA and the City
Council Meeting. We truly appreciate you and your words of support.”

For minutes from the General Assembly, please click here.

We have MANY more actions lined up in the coming days listed below! 

  • Thursday (1/19):
    • Legal/Green Committees 6:00pm at Demian’s
    • UNR Committee 6:00pm at Strega Bar (310 S Arlington)
    • Occupy City Hall 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. outside City Hall. More help needed!
  • Friday (1/20):
    • OCCUPY THE COURTS 8:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. outside the Federal Building downtown.
    • Note: Occupy City Hall will join those at Occupy the Courts and will not be in front of City Hall.
  • Saturday (1/21):
    • Occupy Shabat 10:00am at Moana Springs (240 Moana Lane)
    • General Assembly 1:00p.m. at City Hall
    • Post GA March against Corporate Personhood 2:00pm from City Hall to Federal Building. More details coming soon!
    • Post-March (around 3 p.m.) Visit RTC bus station (4th and Center St.) to review a possible new OR staging ground to demonstrate and educate. Visit again for night-time perspective around 8 p.m.
  • Sunday (1/22):
    • Noon until done: begin dismantling under-utilized structures from Moana Springs and clean-up to prepare for potential eviction. We are committed to a Leave No Trace principle. Please help us uphold this.
    • Media Committee Meeting 1 p.m. at UNR Knowledge Center Room 113
  • Monday (1/23):
    • Action/Outreach Committee Meeting at 5:30 p.m. at Strega Bar (310 S Arlington)
  • Wednesday (1/25)
    • Reno City Council will address the topic of corporate personhood.

As always, we thank you for keeping Occupy Reno strong and look forward to seeing you at upcoming events. We’ll be sending out another update soon with more information on Saturday’s march. Please try to make it if you can!

In Solidarity,
Occupy Reno


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