Action Updates and GA Announcements

Petitioning our Government for a redress of grievances

Greetings from Occupy Reno,

This last Saturday, 1.21.2012, marked the 2-year anniversary of the Citizens United v. FEC SCOTUS decision. Many thanks to the brave men and women who took the streets in front of the Federal Building to protest against the counterfeit democracy that has plagued our great nation. We stand in solidarity with all people who defend justice over control and people over profits.

1.21.2012 General Assembly Updates:

  • Our next General Assembly will be on 1.28.2012 at 1:00pm in front of City Hall.
  • We have decided to pursue the old RTC bus station as an alternative occupation. Stay tuned for updates.

On 1.25.2012, the City of Reno will be deciding possible action to support legislation that restricts corporations from donating funds to political campaigns. Will the City of Reno support the people’s fight to retake democracy or will they sell-out the public interest in order to further their career opportunities?

Join us on Monday (1.23.2012) at Strega Bar for the 5:30pm Action meeting. We will be discussing plans to ensure that the people’s voice is heard in the halls of Reno City Council.

We will be seen. We will be heard. We will not leave. Occupy Reno. Occupy Everywhere.

See you on the frontlines, 

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