Reno City Council Votes on Corporate Personhood, UNR Rally, and Other Updates

Upcoming Events

Occupy UNR will be holding their second rally this Thursday, 2.2.2012, from 12:30pm to 2:00pm on the steps of the UNR Mathewson-IGT Library. Guest speakers will include UNR professors, students, and occupiers. Performances by local band Merkin. Bring your friends, family, and learn how to get more involved!

The 1.28 General Assembly adjourned before we could vote on the location of our next GA. Without an official ruling on the topic we are asking for your input:

Recap of wednesday, 1.25.2012

The City of Reno addressed the issue of “corporate personhood” and refused to support legislation barring corporations and other entities from donating unlimited funds to political campaigns. The vote was 6 – 1 against supporting the people’s struggle for a free democracy. We would like to thank Councilman Aiazzi for bringing forward the resolution and for being the only member brave enough to vote for it.

We will continue to persuade the City of Reno to join the growing ranks of cities around the nation that have adopted a similar pledge. Click here to view a map showing the municipalities that have passed resolutions and ordinances abolishing Corporate Personhood.

That same day, the Moana Springs occupation site officially ended at 4pm. Many thanks to all those who helped fulfill our pledge of leaving no trace behind.

Several dedicated occupiers decided to occupy the springs without a permit from the City of Reno, asserting that it was a constitutionally protected venue for free-speech. One was subsequently arrested for it.


  • Tech was approved to purchase a new server. The cost is approximately $20 a month.
  • The location of the Legal Committee meeting has been moved to 1301 Cordone Ave Reno NV 89502 for Thursday 2.2.12 @ 6pm.
  • The location of the Media Committee meeting has been moved to Reno City Hall for Sunday 1.29.12 @ 1pm.

Remember to check the calendar for committee times and locations.

See you on the frontlines, 

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