Featured Guest Post: The Silo-ization of America

By Bob Bennett

Those of you who watched the film Inside Job on campus last week realize that half the farms in America could be fertilized with what comes out of the mouths of the Wall Street profiteers who created our current economic problems.  But even this financial mess is merely a consequence of a greater problem – we have increasingly become a silo society.   In a silo society people only speak to those who agree with them.  They ridicule and demonize all who disagree with them.  Think of the GOP for a moment.  Now think of the DEMS.  Liberals match conservatives in this silo-ization of America.  Little to no cross pollination occurs, and we become more inbred.  A slow death occurs as we bicker and complain about the littlest of things.

In large part this silo-ization of America has grown due to the bureaucratization of America.   Bureaucracies, like all living organisms seek to grow, and like the Borg they often resemble, assimilation is their goal.  Dissent is not permitted.  You must go along to get along.  Questioning of the boss is not permitted in most bureaucracies.  They can’t change anything anyway; they are just clogs in the machine.  Someone else makes all the rules.  A governmental body, a corporate hierarchy – a someone else, someone with little or oversight and less interested in honest feedback, makes the rules.  More growth means more power; and power is all that is important.  Serving the people isn’t a goal of a bureaucracy, serving the bureaucracy is the goal.

An excerpt from People of the Lie; The Hope for Healing Human Evil by M. Scott Peck, MD (pg. 218):  “Whenever the roles of individuals within a group become specialized, it becomes both possible and easy for the individual to pass the moral buck to some other part of the group. In this way, not only does the individual forsake his conscience but the conscience of the group as a whole can become so fragmented and diluted as to be nonexistent… The plain fact of the matter is that any group will remain inevitably potentially conscienceless and evil until such time as each and every individual holds himself or herself directly responsible for the behavior of the whole group –the organism-of which he or she is a part.”

Many factors enter into this silo-ization of America, this evil-ization of America.  A beginning can be found in the 1953 decision to change the motto of the U.S. from E Pluribus Unum – Out of many – one -to One nation Under God, and add this to the pledge of allegiance.  How many of you know this law was introduced by segregationist senators who worshipped a God which approves of keeping blacks as second class citizens?  Whose God are we under?  The God of segregationists? The God of the hate groups?  The God of Al Qaeda?   The God of Wall Street?

We need to return to E Pluribus Unum – Out of many, one.  Different abilities, different interests, different goals, differing beliefs, each striving for harmony instead of trying crush all who have even the slightest difference.


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